The Impact Of Arab Spring
Global Disaster Response
Gospel Reformation Network Luncheon 2016
Reformed Theological Seminary Friends and Alumni Luncheon 2016
Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Breakfast
A., Paul Billy/B., Cartee
Running Together
Abel, Jeff
3-01 - Center Essentials - Bars & Baptists: Tell The Same Brand Story
Abel, Jeff & Julie
A-05 - Brand Aid: Telling Your Center's Story In The Social Media Age
B-05 - Brand Aid: Telling Your Center's Story In The Social Media Age
2-02 - Center Essentials B - 2005 Called, They Want Their Website Back
Client Marketing (5) - Social Media 201 - Tools To Maximize Your Social Mieda
Client Marketing (4) - Social Media 101 - Understanding Popular Social Platforms
Client Marketing (3) - Creating An Unforgettable Brand Identity - II
Client Marketing (2) - Creating An Unforgettable Brand Identity - I
Client Marketing (1) - Internal Culture And Why It Is The Foundation For Marketing
Adams, Jay
Biblical Counseling
What Makes Nouthetic Counseling Unique
Dealing With Death
Emergency Or Short Term Counseling
Questions And Answers For Dr. Adams
Adams, Susan
Abstinence: Reaching Your Community Through Whole Person Adolescent Health
Agan, Jimmy
Fresh Wind, Full Sails: Preaching The Whole Gospel To Whole People
Alexander, Carole
Church Outreach - 5-03 - Building Bridges - Engaging The African American Church For Life
Alexander, Carole/Esposito, Phyllis
4-10 - Underserved Outreach - Cultural Sensitivity And The African American Client
Allen, Richard
Great Omission: Dismantling Crippling Ecclesiastical Welfare System
Allums, Bob
Prayer Life Seminar (2008)
Prayer LIfe Seminar (2009)
Alwinson, Pete
MNA Revitalization/Evangelism Breakfast 2006
Discipling Leaders
Discipling Others
Alwinson, Pete/Boland, Tommy
The Master Model Of Men's Ministry - I
The Master Model Of Men's Ministry - II
Ambrecht, Connie
Medical (3) - Victims Of Sexual Violence And Abortion: Ministering To The Bruised
Medical - 507 - Limited OB Ultrasound: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimesters
Anderegg, David
Creating A Call Packge Worth Opening
Retirement Planning: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You!
Anderson, H/Higgins, M
MNA Mercy Ministry Lunch 2006
Anderson, Jane
Client Issues A - 5-04 - This Is Your Brian On Hormones
Anderson, Teri
Building Community In Your Bible Study
Andreades, Sam
A Real Man, A True Woman: The Gift Of Gender
Andrew, Andi
Keynote Speaker #2 - Wednesday Lunch (CN2017)
Andrews, Reddit
MNA Church Renewal Dinner 2008
Aquila, Dominic
The Church: Mighty In Christ
Arnold, Carol
A Safe Home With Windows To The World
How To Keep Your Glass House From Cracking Up
A Woman's Worldview
What Every Pastor Wishes The Women In His Church Knew
Attacks On Men In Ministry From A Wife's Perspective
Arterburn, Steve
Keynote Session #5 - Friday Morning (CN2015)
Assembly Wide Seminar
Role Of Women In Ministry
Auffarth, Ruth
Wednesday Morning - Auffarth
Austen, Greg
The Daddy Dilemma: Building Sustainable Ministry To Men
6-08 - Pro-Abundant Life - Facilitating And Empowering Stronger Pastoral Engagement
Advance 7 - Making Life Disciples Training
Avera, Alan
Christianity Explored: Helping People Love, Live, And Tell The Gospel
Avera, Alan/Cooper, Barry
Why Evangelism Fails To Connect In Our Culture And What To Do About It
Avers, Alan
How Good Theology Undergirds And Empowers Evangelism
B., Carlee
Unreached Peoples: A South Asia Challenge
Bachofer, Cheri
Intentional Leadership (Tasks & Relationships)
Intentional Living (Having & Keeping Your Life!)
Bagwell, Brenda
Medical - 5-10 - OSHA: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
Baird, Jim
Baker, Al
Nobodies From Nowhere: In Pursuit Of Revival
Revival Prayer
Baker, Al/Reeder, Harry
Revival Preaching
Baldwin, Stephen & Karen
The Urgent Need For Godly Mentors
Ball, Kevin
Patriach Vs. Caliph: Christian-Muslim Apologetics From
Ban, Martin
Mission, Risk, And Redemptive Feasting
MNA Church Planting Breakfast 2005
MNA Church Planting Breakfast 2008
Pastor As Evangelist - Making Room: A Trinitarian Reflection On Evangelism
Bancroft, Barbara
Running On Empty: The Gospel For Women In Ministry
WIC Wednesday Luncheon (GA2015)
Bancroft, Douglas
Bi-Vocational Ministry And The PCA
Bancroft, Josiah
World Harvest Mission Luncheon (2011)
Bancroft, Josiah/Giles, Tony
Gospel Centered Leadership: Connecting The Heart Dynamics Of Grace With The Practical Reality Of Church Leadership
Barker, Barbara
Is Perfection Possible?
Stepping Out - In Faith
Faith Pointes
Barker, Barbara/Patate, Jane
Wednesday Program - Sing Gospel Of Grace In Marriage/Ministry
Barker, Frank
Prayer & Unity
Reflections: Some Things I Would Have Done Differently If I Had Another 40 Years
Maximizing The Stewardship Of The Local Church
Flight Path
Evangelism: The Pastor As Evangelist
Developing Missionary Vision In The Local Church
Barker, Frank & Barbara
The Minister & His Wife: Functioning As A Team In Kingdom Building
Importance Of Families - Confronting The Culture
Barker, Frank and Family
Back To The Future: Raising Children To Affect The Future
Barker, Frank/Baird, Jim
Founding Fathers: In The Beginning
Barker, Frank/Reeder, Harry
Thoughts On Pastoral Transitions In The Local Church
Barker, Will/Duncan, Ligon/Meyers, Jeffrey/Rayburn, Rob
Colloquium - What Do The Sacraments Actually Accomplish In Their Administration
Barlett, Hugh
Becoming A Great Commission Church
Barnes, Roland
Evangelistic Perspective & Strategy Offered By Small Communities
Barr, Jim
Bible Works
Bartlett, Hugh
Wednesday Lunch - The Chesterfield Story: A Case Study
Barton, Bill
Factors Contributing To A Healthy Church
A Conversaton With Bill Barton Concerning The "Awakening Of America"
Barton, Tim/Thomas, Anthony
Reaching Mormons In Your Community
Bash, John
Proactive Solutions For Churches In An Economic Downturn
Bassett, Drake
Whole Child Initiative: The Comprehensive Approach To Caring For Children
Bastone, Ruth Ann
Serge Luncheon
Batarsch, Diana
Gospel-Driven Classroom Management
Batusic, John
Is Short-Term Missions Worth The Cost?
Beall, Jack
Ask The Pros: Panel Of Missions Pastors And Directors
Bean, Mai
Client Marketing - 5-06 - Keyword Ads - Are They Worth It?
Client Marketing - 6-06 - Using Annual Client Data To Improve Your Center
Bearden, Mark
Move Members From The Sideline To The Frontline
Beckman, Jack
The School As A Disciple-Maker Problems In A Postmodern Context
Beiler, Anne
Beiler, Anne - General Session #7 - Friday Evening
Belcher, Jim
Forging A Third Way Between The Emerging And The Traditional
Belz, Joel & Carol/Drake, Robert & Vicki
Church Discipline: Weeping With Those Who Weep/Rejoicing With Those Who Rejoice
Benett, Chris & Frankie
Thursday's WIC Program 2002
Bennett, Angela
Ministering To The Hispanic Client
1-10 - Underserved Outreach - Engaging The Church To Reach The Hispanic Client
Bennett, Jake/Bird, Jeff/Harr, Tom
Legacy: Christ. Care, and Older Adults
Benoway, Bishop Ed
Service Of Liscensing, Commissioning & Ordination
Benton, Pam
WIC - The Church, My Family, A Foretaste Of Heaven
Berger, Keith
God's On The Move, But I'm Not: Fear In Personal Ministry
Berman, Beau
Planting A Church In The Bible Belt: How To Reach De-Churched In An Over-Churched City
Bernardes, Renato
MNA Ministries Luncehon 2012
Berry, Sharon
How Christian Schools Can Serve Students With Special Needs
Serving The Deaf And Other Hearing Impaired Individuals Within Our Churches
Betancourt, Gustavo/Feliciano, Juan
God's Mission, Our Calling (En Espanol - In Spanish)
Bethany Christian Services/National Christian Adoption
What You Need To Know About Adoption Today
Why What You Think You Know About Adoption May Not Be Right
How To Add Adoption As An Option For Your Clients
Betz, Joel
Reflections From The Retiring Moderator
Black, Nicholas
Shattered Dreams/New Hope: First Aid For Parents When A Son or Daughter Identify As Gay
Bland, Jim/Hahn, Paul
MNA Luncheon 2016
Bohl, Gena
2-04 - Client Issues B - In Plain Sight: Recognizing And Helping Victims Of Human-Trafficking In Your Center
Bohling, Matthew
Managerial Courage In The Process Of Planing And Renewing Of Congregations
Helping Your Church Move Forward
The Emotional LIfe Of The Pastor
Boland, Tommy
Follow The Leader
Bomberger, Ryan
4-10 - Underserved Outreach - Developing Dynamic Web Pages, Brochures, And Messages That Connect With Urban Clients
Bomberger, Ryan/Carter, Lorey
3-10 - Underserved Outreach - Presenting Adoption To The Abortion Minded African American Client
Bonderud, Alan/Casson, Mark
Fulfilling The Biblical Mandate To Remember The Prisioner
Booher, Nancy
English As A Second Language Ministry: Reaching The Nations By Your Neighbor
Reaching The World God Has Sent To Our Doorstep Through ESL Ministry
English As A Second Language For Outreach And Evangelism (2008)
English As A Second Language Ministry: Reaching The World At Our Doorstep (2006)
English As A Second Lanquage For Outreach And Evangelism (2007)
Boone, Wellington
Wellington Boone - Friday Dinner/General Session
Boston, Cindi
Using The Right Resources To Reach Your Community
New Directors/Center Management - 201 - Volunteer Management: Energizing Those You Serve
Boswell, Dena
Kids EE Equip Kids Be Missionaries, Now! Why Wait?!
Botsford, Vicky
Development - 604 - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
Spiritual Health - 210 - Leading From Your Knees
Botsford, Vicky/Diemert, Beth
Spiritual Health In A Ministry World
Secrets Of A Successful Walk
5-04 - Fundraising - Developing Major Donors
Maturing Donors From Events To Major Giving
Bowen, Marie
Moving Beyond Statements And Politics To Being A Pro-Life Church
The World Needs Gospel-Compelled, Equipped, Champions Of Human Life!
Boydell, Joan
3-11 - Today's Issues - LGBTQ And You
5-06 - Leadership (Advanced) - Setting The Table For The Next Generation
3-03 - Counseling - Thorny Issues In Counseling
4-11 - Spiritual Encouragement - Profiles In Pro-LIfe Courage
Respect In Counseling the Abortion Minded Client
2-07 - Operations - Renewing Our Strength
Counseling (4) - The ABCs Of Crisis Intervention: Addressing Fear, Anxiety, And Rationalization
Center Essentials B (5) - Thank You For Calling: Connecting With Clients On The Phone
Bradford, Jeff
Fundraising (5) - Show Me The Money TODAY!
Bramer, Jeanne
Medical - 2-10 - Five Steps Towards A Healthy Pregnancy
3-05 - Medical - What To Expect While Expecting: The First Prenatal Visit
Brand, Joe
How Much Should The Pastor Know About Member Giving Patterns
How To Increase Your General Giving By Developing A Culture Of Stewardship
A Spiritual Journey With Financial Implications: A Look At Capital Campaigns
Spiritual Journey Wtih Financial Implications
Breeden, Larry/Crosby, Joy
BT2011 - Board Training
Brewbaker, Ruth
Adapted Sports As Outreach: Strengthening Connections With The Disability Community
Brewer, Hunter
Pastoral Ministry And Social Media
Broadwick, Art
Watch Your Life
Brock, Frank
A Strategy For A Healthy Denomination
Questions And Answers On The 2006 Report Of The Ad Interim Committee On Strategic Planning
The Future Direction Of The PCA
Brown, Kristin
5-03 - Gospel Foundation - The Biblical Meaning Of Success
Brown, Leon
Infant Baptism: Bringing Black Children To The Front
Liturgy: It's Relation To The Negro
Brown, Leonard
The Church And State: Is The Bushel Of The State Threatening To Cover Our Light?
Brown, Steve
Chaplain Training (2009) - III - The Mind Of God - III
MNA Church Planting and Renewal Lunch 2009
Chaplain Training (2009) - I - The Mind Of God - I
Chaplain Training (2009) - II - The Mind Of God - II
Chaplain Training (2009) - IV - The Heart Of God
Thursday Breakfast - Fight the Good Fight: A Celebration Of The Unsung Heroes In The Trenches Of Ministry (2005)
Brown, Sylvester/Robertson, George
If Diversity Can Happen In Old First Pres, It Can Happen Anywhere
Brownsback, Erin
5-06 - Outreach - Messaging The Pro-Life Movement
Burke, Denise M.
Emerging Legal Challenges & Threats To A Culture Of Life
Burke, Denise/Napier, Doug
4-07 - Operations - Laws And Elections: Abortion Law Overview And Political Restrictions
Burkhalter, Howie
Renewing & Expanding Our View Of Presbyteries
Burns, Bob
Sustained Ministry: How To Survive And Thrive
Ministry For The Long Haul
The Pastor As Change Agent
Run And Not Grow Weary: Rx For A Resilient Ministry
Burns, Robert
Pastor Sabbaticals: Proposing, Planning, And Funding
Busby, Dan
Spiritual Health - 610 - Trust: The Firm Foundation For Kingdom Fruitfulness
1-03 - ECFA - Challenging Goverance Issues
5-03 - ECFA - Update From Capitol Hill
The Importance Of Accountability In Fundraising
Maintaining Integrity In Tough Financial Times
5-05 - Fundraising - Proper Donation Receipting: More Than Just Paper
Financial Responsibility Of The Board
Bush, Freda
1-05 - Medical - Retraining The Brain
Calhoun, Bryan
Preterm Birth And Abortion: Economic Toll
Calhoun, David
Loving The Westminster Confession & Catechisms
Callison, Robert/Milller, Chris
Discipleship For The Warror's Heart: Living Out Revelation 12:11
Calloway, Vince
Dealing With Cultural Implications Of "Father Void"
Integrating Biblical Concepts In Counseling
Campbell, Gary
RBI Investments Workshop: Finding The Best Mix For Your PCA Retirement Plan
Campbell, Gary/Clarke, Bob
The PCA Retirement Readiness Crisis
Campbell, Gary/Melendez, Mark
Caring For PCA Ministers Through The Effective Use Of The PCA Call Package Guidelines
Campbell, Ken
Calling All Deacons: The Unique Challenges Of Diaconal Care For Those Touched By Disability
Campbell, Ken & Cathy
When The Unexpected Happens: The Onset Of Disability
Practical Strategies For Families Affected By Disability: "Hey! I Never Thought About That
Recipe For An Effective Special Needs Ministry
Campbell, Mike
With One Accord
United By Christ
What A Truly Multicutural Church Look Like?
MNA Ministries Luncheon 2014
Caneiners, Paul
Helping Missionaries Thrive: What Your Church Can Do
Cannada, Ric
Elders As Shepherds: Not Merely Decision Makers
Captari, Laura
Counseling (2) - Basic Helping: Essential Listening Skills And Techniques
Capuyan, Andrea
6-03 - Gospel Foundation - Leading Others Well From The Garden To Abundant Life
Cara, Bob
The Amazing Insights Of The Westminster Larger Catehcism Question 151
The 'Means Of Grace' And 'Marks Of The Church': Nuances Of The Westminster Standards
Care Net 2008 Speakers
Complete Set of Care Net 2008 CDs
Care Net 2009 Speakers
Complete Set Of Care Net 2009 CDs
Care Net 2010 Speakers
Complete Set Of Care Net 2010 CDs
Care Net 2011 Speakers
Complete Set Of Care Net 2011 CDs
CareNet Center Services Staff & Specialist
5-08 - New & Seasoned Directors - Client Services Specialist Panel Discussion
Carl, Brett
Missions: A Program Of The Church Or A Part Of Her Identity
Carrell, Dan
Generations in Community: The Challenge Before Us
Carrell, Dan/Fender, Matt
The Exercise Of Religious Liberty In A Hostile Environment
Carter, Lorey
5-10 - Underserved Outreach - MAAFA21 - Waking Up The Black Community On Abortion
Carver, Stuart
Fatherhood, Family, Marriage - 6-09 - Birth Of A Family: Completing Family Circles With Fathers
Casale, Tracey
Protecting The Mission While Insuring Appropriate Staff Relationships
Cason, Daniel
Just As I Am
Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us
My Offering
My Christmas Offering
Happy Birthday Jesus
Casson, Mark/Marshall, Dion
"And You Visited Me": A Reformed Ministry For Prison Ministry
Castro, William/Panel
The PCA And Hispanic Church Plant: Challenges And Opportunities
Cavallaro, Steve
Marriage And The Grand Design
Cayton, Clarke
2-11 - Today's Issues - ClickBait And Switch
3-08 - Pro-Abundant Life - "It's My Child Too!"
Client Care 2 - 403 - Clicking For Love In All The Wrong Places
Cayton, Clarke/Cardona, Gallagher
4-06 - Fatherhood, Family, & Men's Ministry - Project Blueprint: Men Matter
Cayton, Clarke/Schrage, Karolyn
1-11 - Spiritual Encouragement - The Cost Of Caring
Client Care 1 - 502 - The Voice Of Men
CDM Staff
CDM Youth Seminar
Chapell, Bryan
The Hiding Place
PCA Strategic Plan Progress: Practical Steps For Participating In God's Mission - I
The Prevailing Power Of Constraining Love
Where Do We Go From Here: Strategic Opportunities And Challenges For The PCA - I
Where Do We Go From Here: Strategic Opportunities And Challenges For The PCA - II
Conducting & Leading Effective & God Centered Worship Services (Liturgy & Preaching) - III
Conducting & Leading Effective & God Centered Worship Services (Liturgy & Preaching) - IV
The Future Of Expository Preaching
Better Than Heroes: The Majesty Of God In The Mission Of The Church
Gospel-Centered Worship
"Grace Rules": Freeing Preaching From Moralism, Liscense, And "Me-ism"
PCA Strategic Plan Progress: Practical Steps For Participating In God's Mission - II
Chapell, Bryan & Kathy/Honeycutt, Judy
Grace In Leadership Marriages
Chapell, Bryan and Panel
How To Advance Ethnic Outreach And Ministry In The PCA
Chapell, Bryan./Barrs, J.
Lord, Teach Us To Pray
Chapell, Bryan/Ross, Mike
Grace & The Christian's Responsibility In Sanctification
Chapell, Bryan/Taylor, Roy
PCA Strategic Plan
The PCA: A Strategic Plan For Our Future
Chaplain Wives
Thursday's WIC Program 2012
MNA Chaplain Ministries Breakfast 2012
MNA Chaplain Ministries Breakfast 2009
MNA Chaplain Ministries Dinner 2007
MNA Chaplain Ministries Breakfast 2006
MNA Chaplain Breakfast - Chaplain Ministries In Iraq 2005
MNA Chaplain Ministries Luncheon 2008
MNA Chaplain Ministries Dinner 2003
Chapman, Mary
Church Outreach - 1-03 - Closing The Gap : Pregnancy Care Ministries
Partnering With The Church - 308 - Making Life Disciplships: Going To The Church With Your Hands Full
Chedid, Bassam
Islam: Aspects And Prospects
Cheely, Kathy/Hackenburg, Jo Ann
Fishbowl Finesse
Cheely, Kathy/Panel
A Journey Of Calling
Cheely, Tom
Focusing The Local Congregation
Chen, Kevin & Stephanie
Social Science: Friends Or Foes?
Christiansen, Sandy
Medical - 107 - Ultrasound Sleuthing: What Am I Looking For, Dr. Watson?
2-05 - Medical - Making The Medical Coversion
Client Issues B - 3-05 - The Hard Cases: Rape, Incest, The Life Of The Mother
3-01 - Center Essentials A - Get Ready, Get Set, Go Medical!
Medical Questions & Answers
The Ultrasound Visit: Before, During, And After
Medical (1) - The High Risk Pregnancy: Common Pregnancy Complications
Medical (5) - Case Reports: Aborting The Abortion
2-07 - Medical - Get With The Program: Best Practices In The Medical PRC
Medical 101: Overviews And Framework
Christiansen, Sandy/Eades, Patrick
Advance 3 - Medical Conversion: Is It True?
Christiansen, Sandy/Tate, Tammy
1-07 - Medical - Adverse Prenatal Diagnosis: The Pregnancy Center's Role
C04 - Complete Medical Track
A04 - Medical
B04 - Medical
Reaching The Culture Makers: Not Just For Artists
Chung, Min
Developing Leaders In Your Church
Training Leaders In Your Church
Clarey, Tim
Secrets Of The Genesis Flood: Ground-Breaking Discoveris That Change The Age Of The Earth Debate
Clark, Dawn
Being The Shepherd's Arms: Pastoral Care For Families Touched By Disability
Before You've Had Enough: Avoiding Disability Ministry Leader Burnout
Clark, Dawn/Brack, Andra
Worthy To Be Taught: Teaching The Bible To Adults With Intellectual Disabilities
Clark, Dawn/Kwansny, Victoria
Can We Be Friends? Forming Disability Networks At The Community Level
Clark, Stephen
Legal Hot Spots For Churches
Clarke, Bob/Resch, Tami/Benhardt, Cecelia
Who Pastors The Pastor's Wife?
The First Nations Of Americas
Clement, Justin
Finding God's Path For Your Life
Clements, Don
Encouragement For Smaller Churches
Ministry In Small Church: The Challenge Of Limited Gifts And Resources
Three Crucial Events In Life Of A Small Church
Seek And You Shall Find - Churches Seeking Pastors And Pastors Seeking Churches
Pulpit Committees: The Strategic Role Of Pulpit Committees In the LIfe Of The Church
"First, We Fire All The Committees!" - Encouraging Direct Elder Oversight In The Ministries Of The Church
Cline, Carolyn
4-02 - Center Essentials A - Evangelism Is Easy!
Cline, Nathan/Hodgkins, Christopher
George Herbert And The Modern Man
Clinton, Tim
Tim Clinton - Thursday Morning General Session (2012)
Clowney, Edmund
Why Not Divide?
Cochrane, Linda
Remembering The Cause
Referring For Care
Readying For Counsel
Rallying The Course
Responding To The Cry
Recruiting The Caregivers
Raising His Colors
B-07 - PACE
A-07 - PACE
6-07 - Preventoin And Healing - The Path To Sexual Healing
1-09 - Post Abortion - Best Practices In Abortion Recovery Care
Cochrane, Linda/Crosby, Joy
Putting Your Best Foot Foward When Others Are Trying To Trip You Up
Cochrane, Linda/Layton, Pat
4-07 - Prevention And Healing - Engaging The Church In Post Abortion Healing
Cochrane, Linda/Stoner, Jeannie/Cooter, Judy
Abortion Recovery Ministry 2012
Cochrane, Shelley
4-05 - Fundraising - Fundamentals Of Managing Donor Relations
Coffield, James
The Difficulties Of Dealing With Difficult People: Enhancing Basic Counseling Skills
Cogdill, Melanie
Women's Ministry 2.0: The Hows And Whys Of Incorporating Social Networking, Technology, And Culture Into Your Ministry
Coleman, Priscilla
1-07 - Medical - Abortion And Women's Mental Health
Collins, Barbara
Thursday Program - How Can I Keep From Singing?
Colson, Emily
Dancing Lessons
Conkel, Dean
Youth Workers & Parents - Fellow Workers
Conrad, Arnold
Are You Qualified To Serve A Congregation As An Interim Pastor?
Cooksey, Harry
Money & Ministry: Architecture Of A Call Package
Corbett, Steve
Doing Short-Term Missions Without Doing Long-Term Harm
Corbett, Steve/Jones, Andy
Moving From Handouts To Help That Makes A Difference
Cork, June
Casting The Vision: Recruiting, Retaining And Training Volunteers
Cornwell, John
Peacemakers - III - Always A Peacemaker: Practical Skills For The Peacemaking Church Leaders
Cortese, Ray
MNA Church Planting Minstries Luncheon 2007
A Beautiful Orthodoxy (Tuesday Evening Worship Service 2014)
Cortese, Ray/O'Neil, Bruce/Dorsey, Jason
Leading Presbytery Renewal And Cultural Transformation
Cosby, Brian
Giving Up Gimmicks: Reclaiming Youth Ministry From An Entertainment Culture (2014)
Suffering And Sovereignty: Understanding The Theology And Application Of Affective Providence
Uncensored: Daring To Embrace The Entire Bible
Cosby, Brian/Panel
Gospel Reformation Network: For The Continued Faithfulness Of The PCA (GA2017)
Courtney, Julie
The Gift Of Honesty
Jesus Loving Women
The Ruth Seminar
Cowan, Callie/Welch, Brianne
6-01 - Client Care - A Needs Based Approach: Before, During, And After The Client Visit
Coyle, Catherine
Medical (4) - Fatherhood Aborted: Consequences And Counseling
Coyle, Douglas
The Holy Spirit's Work Of Gospel Consolation In The Life Of Your Church & Ministry
Nietzeche, Postmodernism And The Pulpit
John Calvin And Unmixed Grace: Without A Crumb, Without A Drop
Crandall, Deena
2-03 - Counseling - Grief Counseling After Infant Loss
Crimely, Jamie
Using The Web To Connect People To Small Groups
Crosby, Joy
Gethering Care-Net Statistics
2-02 - Client Marketing - Client Marketing Tactics: What Message And Method To Use
Gen Y: Your Center Can't Thrive Without Them!
Medical (2) - Strategies For Recruiting Medical Directors
Crosby, Joy/Sanford, Kay
Funding Proposals: How To Write Interesting & Captivating Funding Proposals
Creating An Annual Funding Plan
1-04 - Fundraising - Building Your Corporate Social Media Presence
Crosby, Julie
5-02 - Client Marketing - Creating And Keeping Your Brand Promise
Culbreath, Arnold
Underserved (1) - Embracing And Retaining The New African American Recruits
2-10 - Underserve Communities - Targeting Of Minorities By Planned Parenthood
Cullen, Paula
2-05 - Medical - Maximizing Staff Relations In The Medical PRC
Cureton, Barry
Pastor Help! My Son Is Gay! (2016)
Currin, Sandy
Redeeming Eve: Applying The Titus Two Manadate To Our Daily Lifes
Dalbey, M./Kidd, K
Gospel-Centered Worship In The PCA
Dalbey, Mark
The Transformational And Missional Purposes Of God-Glorifying Worship
The Church As Worshipping & Equipping Community Of Grace On A Kingdom Mission
Chap01 - Grace Based Leadership In The Trenches Of Ministry
Daly, Jim
Jim Daly - Wednesday Lunch/General Session
Davenport, Mary
Medical Abortion: 21st Century Plague
Davidson, Gregg/Wolgemuth, Ken
The PCA Creation Study Committee A Dozen Years Later: What Does Science Say Now?
Davies, Christiana/Felmley
The Day After: Global Disaster Response (GDR)
Davis, Bill
Infertility And Assisted Reproduction: Biblical Considerations
A Working Discussion On Biblical Principles Guiding Financial Commitments For End Of Life Medical Care
Doubt And the Christian LIfe: Dealing With An Ordinary Challenge
Apologetics In A Religiously Plurastic Age
The Church After Postmodernism: Faithless In A Pluralistic World
Davis, Dotsy
1-05 - Medical - Are You Scanning Your Patients Safely?
Davis, Howard Q.
Onward Christian Soldiers
Davis, Judi/Buckner, Sally
Center Essentials B (4) - Staying Relevant To At-Risk Clients
Davis, Mark Alan
Wonder of Wonders
Davis, William
End Of Life Decision-Making: How To Prepare Your Congregation To Finish Well
Shepherding The Flock In An Age Suspicious Of Authority And Doctrine
Dayhoff, Al
Evangelize Today: Equipping Followers Of Jesus Christ To Share Their Faith With Gracious & Winsome Language
Dean, Jeffrey
Center Essentials A (1) - Top Teen Issues
"Watch This" - A Guide To Manhood
Abstinence: The Lie: Escaping The Trap
JD01 - Devotional #1 - Wednesday (CN2017)
JD02 - Devotional #2 - Thursday (CN2017)
JD03 - Devotional #3 - Friday (CN2017)
Spiritual Health - 110 - 10 Truths To Live The Surrendered Life
JD01 - Devotional #1 - Wednesday (CN2015)
JD02 - Devotional #2 - Thursday (CN2015)
JD03 - Devotional #3 - Friday (CN2015)
JD01 - Devotional #1 - Wednesday (CN2016)
JD02 - Devotional #2 - Thursday (CN2016)
JD03 - Devotional #3 - Friday (CN2016)
3-09 - Spiritual Encouragement - Be Encouraged: God's Got It
4-02- Center Essentials B - The Millennial Madness
DeCook, Joe
Long-Term Complications Of Abortion
Deison, Pete
The 55+ Pastor And The Next Stage Of Ministry: Understanding The Stage And Buildiing The Platform
Delahoyde, Melinda
Melinda Delahoyde - Wednesday Morning General Session (2012)
Fundraising (3) - Major Donors And Foundations
Melinda Delahoyde - Wednesday Morning General Session
Thursday Morning Keynote (2009)
Melinda Delahoyde - Wednesday Evening General Session 2010
Role Of Working With The Board
Thursday Morning Keynote (2008)
Keynote Session #4 - Thursday Lunch (CN2015)
Deltano, Keith
Abstinence: The New Sexual Revolution
Reaching And Empowering Parents
Dempsey, Jim
Developing Major Donors For Impact
Dever, Mark
Westminster And Preaching
Devine, Lara
Equipping And Keeping Volunteers
Board Orientation And Training
Devine, Lara/Lamont, Janis
Board And Volunteer Issue 101
B-06 - New Directors Fundamentals
Dewart, Deborah
5-06 - Legal/HR - Stumbling Down The Campaign Trail: Election Years And IRS
DeYoung, Kevin
Gospel Reformation Network Luncheon 2017
Chaplain Training - I (2018)
The Mission Of The Church And Unreached People Groups
Chaplain Training - II (2018)
DiCaro, Vince
Advance 3 - Be A Marketing Magnet
DiCaro, Vince/Hall, Jacob/Gleason, Eve
Advance 1 - Being Digital: Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Pinterest, Vimeo, "Blogs," The Web
Dillard, Trish
Medical 101: Management Structure, Team Building And Outreach
Dillinger, Kurt
LIFE International
Understanding Your Responsibility As A Spiritual Leader
Waiting On God At The Cross (2008)
Spiritual Leadership (1) - Re-Imaging
Waiting On God: At The Cross (2009)
Kurt Dillinger - Saturday Morning Worship Session 2010
Dixon, Jenny
Impacting You Community For The Glory Of God
Donahoe, Howard
Worship Renewal Grants
Donavan, Chuck/Gaul, Moria
Using The New Joint Services Report In Your Client's PR Plan
Doriani, Dan
A Theology Of Social Reform
Friends And Mentors: A Forgotten Aspect Of The Reformation
Douglass, Philip
Chap02 - Covenant Seminary Representative Guest
The Underlying Nature Of Conflict In The Church: The Clash Of Ministry Styles
Twenty Ways To Plant A Church
Your Church Has Personality
Your Church's Personality: Develop Outreach & Assimilation Programs That Fit Your People
Downing, Sam
The Biggest Mistakes I've Made In Church Planting
Doyle, Sean
Thinking Biblically About Church Communications
Drake, Robert
Daily Faith
Drew, Charles
Can Republicans & Democrates Sit Together In The Same Pew?
Drexler, Jim
PCA & Home Schooling: Some Biblical, Historical, Philosophical, Practical Reasons Why The PCA Needs Christian Schools
Drunen, John Van
3-03 - ECFA - Integrity In Funcdraising
Duncan, Ligon
Calvin On The Christian Life
The Westminster Confession And The Law Of God, Again: Antinomianism, Theomony, And All That
Justification By Faith And The New Perspectives On Paul
The Marks Of A Healthy Church
From Worship Wars To Biblical Consensus: Doxological Commitments And Commonalities For The PCA
Calvin, Westminster And The Lord's Supper
Why God Invented Elders
The Covenant Theology Of The Westminster Standards
Biblical Manhood & Womanhood In The PCA: Where We've Come From And The Way Ahead
Trends In Theological Education: What Church Leaders Need To Know
Grace Abounding: Lessons For Today From The Marrow Controversy Of 1721-22
Duncan, Ligon/Keller, Tim
Working Together In The PCA To Address Our Cultural Moment
Discussing Deaconing Women (2 parts)
The PCA - A Way Forward: What We All Can Agree On And Why We Should Stay Together
Duncan, Ligon/Lucas, Sean
The PCA, Race, Rememberance, Repentance, Reconciliation And Rejoicing: A Personal Journey
Duncan, Ligon/Mohler, Al
Commending And Defending The Total Truthfulness Of Scripture
Duncan, Mont
Who Are Your Church's Neighbors And Six Ways To Reach Them
Dunnington, Ed
Help! Looking For The "Affordable" In The "Affordable Care Act"
Dykas, Ellen
Gaurding Our Hearts As We Care For Others: Walking Wisely As Women In Ministry
Gay-Identitty v. Identity-In-Christ? Making Sense Of An Explosive Topic
Practical Help And Gospel Hope For Hurting Wives
Shattered Dreams/New Hope: First-Aid For Parents When A Child Indentifies As Gay
Bringing The Hope And Kindness Of Christ Into The Dark And Struggling Places In Life
Eades, Patrick
Volunteer Training VI (2008)
Volunteer Training IV (2008)
5-08 - New Directors - Volunteer Training V
3-08 - New Directors - Volunteer Trainin III
Organizational Leadership (2) - Combing Out The Kinks Of Board And Staff Relationships
3-06 - New Director - Volunteer Training III (2010)
5-06 - New Director - Volunteer Training V
4-10 - Spiritual Health - Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
4-05 - Leadership (Fundamentals) - Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
Eams, Kevin/Davis, Bill
Suicide: 13 Reasons Why The Church Needs To Talk About It
Eason, Jack/Fineman, Isaac
Advance 1 - Being A Profitable Nonprofit
1-02 - Development - Five Essentials To Raising Money
Advance 1 - An Achievable Strategy For Success
Leadership - 406 - How To Make Your Board Think You're A Rock-Star!
Easterly, Brian/Smith, Jeremy
Strategic Planning As A Spiritual Process For Churches
Eby, Dave
Luncheon on Thursday (2006)
Echols, Tim
Engaging Your Business Community
Edgar, William
Calvin's Legacy For The Arts
Edling, Dave
Peacemaking In The Church (2000)
Power Of The Peacemaking Church - I
Power Of The Peacemaking Church - II
Edling, Dave/Sande, Ken
The Peacemaker Church: Hype Or Life?
Edmiston, Bob
Small Groups
Edwards, Allan/Geiger, Tim/Strain, David
Sexual Brokeness In A Fallen World
Edwards, Allen/Geiger, Tim
Sexual Sin And Your Covenant Children
Elhoff, Sarah Jensen
Client Issues A - 3-04 - Adoption Is An Option
Ellis, Carl
Impacting The Black Community With The Gospel
Ellis, Carl/Seda, Jonathan
An Invitation To Listen, Respond And Connect: A Town Hall Meeting On Racial Reconcilitation
Ellis, Carl/Zaka, Anees
The Rise Of Islam In North America & The PCA's Response
Ellison, Karen
2-07 - Prevention And Healing - Building A Healing Retreat For Abortion Wounded Hearts
Client Care 2 - 303 - Building A Healing Retreat For Aboriton Wounded Hearts
Ensor, Johin/Newman, Marc/Klusendorf, Scott
Advance 4 - Pro-Life Apologetics In The Life Of Your Center
Ensor, John
Development - 2-07 - Better Stories, Better Told: Make Me Eager To Help
5-11 - Spiritual Encouragement - Cross-Bearing For The Child-Bearing: Rooted Truths For Staying Power
Ensor, John/Sprague, Jim
2-02 - Church Involvement - Answering The Call: Breaking The Silence Of The Shepherds
Entrekin, Jonathan
Homeward Christian Soldiers
Ertel, Roxanne
Advance 3 - Ignite Your Passion For Ultrasound!
Ertel, Roxanne/Hardy, Kim
Advance 6 - Time For A Check-Up: Ultrasound Refresher For Nurses
Estock, Stephen
Developing A Child Protection Policy For Your Church
Preaching And Discipleship
Maximizing The Effectiveness Of Your Ministry Staff
Tranformational Discipleship
Recovering The Biblical Office Of Elder
Digital Discipleship
Estock, Stephen/Belue, Bethany
Crucial Pieces Of A Fruitful Children's MInistry
Estock, Stephen/Bennett, Jake
Ministry For An Aging Population
Estock, Stephen/Florence, Chris
Paradigms For Leadership Training
Estock, Stephen/Jakes, Sue
Parenting In The Fishbowl: Raising Covenant Children In The Church
Estock, Stephen/Mitchell, Danny
"Almost Christianity" Revisited
Estock, Stephen/Twit, Kevin
Coporate Worship: A Crucial Place Of Discipleship
Eswin, Z. /Smith, S.
The Three Stories Of Preaching
Eubanks, Ed
Effective & Biblical Communicants Class
What Is Biblical Church Membership? (2010)
Rethinking Repentance
What Is Biblical Church Membersihp? (2011)
Pastoral PTSD: What's Going On?
Lessons From A "Failed" Church
Eubanks, Ed/Burguet, Richard
Effective And Biblical Communicant's Classes
Eure, Vernica/Panel
Client Issues A - 1-04 - Counseling The AM Woman: Strategies That Work
Eure, Vernica/Sheppard, Johnna
6-03 - Client Issues A - From Abortion-MInded Caller To Life-Affirming Client
Evans, Tony
Keynote Session #4 - Thursday Evening (2014)
Tony Evans - Thursday Dinner/General Session
Everitt, Dave
Developing Major Donors In The Market Place - II
Developing Major Donors In The Market Place - I
Every, Mimi
Tips For Effective Evangelism
4-05 - Development - Small Town Centers: How Can They Thrive?
1-05 - Leadership (Fundamentals) - Developing Leadership Skills In The Pregnancy Center
Eyer, Jack
3-05 - Development - A Tale Of Two Families: Live, Love, Leave A Legacy
Fagan, Pat
4-07 - Medical - Pregnancy, Abortion, Breast Cancer Risk Factors
Farrant, Bruce
Pioneering Old Frontiers
Farrant, Bruce/Granberry, Chris
Ministering To Native Americans In Your Backyard - Moving Your Team From Short-Term Ministry To Long-Term Relationships
Farris, Del
Maximize Opportunity/Privilege/Challenges Of Hospital Visitation By TEs and REs
Fassee, Kristine
Center Essentials A (2) - Adoption Today
Featherston, Heather
Promoting Abundant Life - 409 - Effectively Presenting Adoption To Every Client
2-08 - Pro-Abundant Life - Effectively Presenting Adoption And Overcoming Common Objections
Feldhahn, Shaunti
Fatherhood, Family, Marriage - 2-09 - How To Bring Up Marriage In The Counseling Room And What To Say
Keynote Session #2 - Wednesday Evening (CN2015)
Ferguson, Sinclair
Blessed Assurance & Bickering Theologians: A Doubtful Debate?
The Heart Of The Gospel
Wednesday Worship Service - 2000
The Law Justified: The Westminster Assembly And The Law Of God
MNA Church Vitality Dinner 2004
Ferrin, Keith
Wednesay Morning Devotional (CN2012)
Thursday Morning Devotional (CN2012)
Friday Morning Devotional (CN2012)
4-09 - Spritual Leadership - Falling In Love With God's Love
Devotional #1 - Thursday (2014)
Devotional #2 - Friday (2014)
Devotional #3 - Saturday (2014)
1-09 - Spiritual Encouragement - How To LIKE The Bible (Not Just Study It)
Ferrin, Keith - Devotional #1 - Thursday Morning (2013)
Ferrin, Keith - Devotional #2 - Friday Morning (2013)
Ferrin, Keith - Devotional #3 - Saturday Morning (2013)
3-10 - Spiritual Health - Who Are You Really?
4-02 - Development - Five Questions To Make Your Next Banquet Your Best Banquet
Fesko, John
The Westminster Confession And Biblical Thoelogy
WCF & Confessional Lutheranism On Justification
Fikkert, Brian
So You Want To Do Mercy Ministry? Maybe You Should Just Go Golfing Instead
When Helping Hurts: How To Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting The Poor...And Yourself (2009)
When Helping Hurts: How To Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting The Poor...And Yourself 2010
When Helping Hurts (MTW2010)
Missiosn And Microfinance Without Money!
Filson, David
The Apologetic Potential Of Trinitarian Worship
Filson, David/Cangelois, Caleb/Sparkman, Wayne/Pickett, Otis/Griffith, Bobby/Lucas, Sean Michael
PCA Historical Pre-Conference on PCA History and Race
Finn, Bruce
Creating A Church Planting Culture In Your Presbytery
Fisher, Brian
Center Essentials B (2) - CTR, SEO, And Bingo: Navigating The Net For Abortion Minded People
Fisher, Brian/Hommula, Michael
4-01 - Center Essnetials A - Know Thyself: Assessing Your Communities
Fisher, Richard
You Last Forever - Life As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Hospice Chaplain
You Were Made To Last Forever (2007)
You Last Forever (2009)
Fitchpatrick, Emily
Engaging The Church In The Fight Against Modern Day Slavery
Flatgard, Andrew
Beyond Cheerful Giving: The Joy Of Supporting Missionaries
Flayhart, Bob/Boldne, Larry/ Poole, Greg/Garmany, Hutch
Building A Transforming Community Of Love, Grace And Truth
Flink, Mike/McDaniel, Cindy
Development - 304 - From Misery To Ministry
Development - 204 - Building Or Re-energizing Your Year End Fundraising Campaign
Flood, Katy
Abstinence - Imparting Vision & Value
Abstinence - Getting Started For The Client's Sake
Picking Up The Pieces - From Sexually Broken To Sexually Whole
Abstinence - Interactive Tools That Make A Difference
Florence, D. Christopher
Ministry, Life, & The Time Drought: Cultivating A Calling Directed Schedule
Ford, Amy
Church Outreach - 3-03 - Strengthening Church Relationships
Church Outreach - 4-03 - The Life Giving Church
5-02 - Church Involvement - Embrace Grace: Connecting Clients To Pro-Love Churches!
Partnering With The Church - 508 - Embrace Grace Life
Ford, Amy & Panel
Keynote Session #5 - Friday Morning (2014)
Forsythe, Clarke
Your Exceptional Board
Five Medical Risks Of Abortion
Fortna, Julie
Including People With Mobility Impairments: Physical Therapy Techniques For Safe Transferring
Foster, David
Theology Of Pain And Suffering
Foster, J.R.
So What Is RUF Anyway?
Foust, Bob
6-06 - Fatherhood, Family, & Men's Ministry - Men Serving In A Woman's World
Center Essentials A (4) - Choose The Best, Not The Good: A Guide To Board Recruitment And Orientaion
Foust, Bob/Ham, Elaine
HG/CI - Developing A Healthy Budget & Increasing Church Involvement
Fox, Steve
The PCA...A Fortified City
Frame, John
N.T. Wright And The Authority Of Scripture
Frank, Dr. John/McDonald, Jan
2-05 - Fundraising - Creating A Monthly Partner Program
Frank, John
Fundraising (1) - Getting Your Board On Board
1-04 - Development - Call Of The Steward
Development - 6-07 - Development 101: Creating A Biblical Stewardship Development Effort
Franks, Joe
Healty Churchs Need Healthy Leaders: Leadership Principles Learned The Hard Way
Fray, Tammy
Christian-Educated Ladies United & Equipped
Fredenberg, Michaelene
Client Issues A - 4-04 - Early Days Of Grief - In Their Own Words
Freeman, John
Hide Or Seek: How The Church Needs to Get Real About Sexual Struggles
Sexual Strugglers In Your Church: Is Your Leadership A Help Or A Hindrance? (2007)
Sexual Strugglers In Your Church: Is Your Leadership A Help Or A Hindrance? (2006)
Sexual Strugglers In Your Church: Is Your Leadership A Help Or Hindrance? (2009)
Freeman, John/Longacre, David
Avoiding Falls Of Sexual Immorality: Positive Accountability Within The Church
French, Lola
Facing Controversy And Maintaining Composure
Fuller, George
Serving And Challenging Seniors
Finishing Well: Serving And Challenging Seniors
Fultz, Sue
Creating Functional Board Committees
3-05 - Leadership (Fundamentals) - Board And Directors On The Road To Success
5-10 - Spiritual Health - His Burden Is Light
Furman, Martha
Children: Our Overlooked Grievers
Gadbaugh, Larry
Stewardship Fot Storming The Gates Of Hell: Partnering With Churches
5-09 - Seasoned Leaders - The Air We Breathe: Engaging Teh Culture Without Losing Our Soul
Gale, Stan
A Vine-Rippened Life: Sanctification Through Union With Christ
Forgiveness: Discovering The Healing Power Of The Gospel
Prayer Of Jehosaphat: God's Lesson Plan I The School Of Trials
The Prayer Of Jehoshaphat: God's Lesson Plan In The School Of Trials
Spiritual Warfare In Everyday Evangelism
Community Houses Of Prayer: Leading Others To Christ Throught Strategic Prayer
Garner, David/Kim, Joel/Strain, David/Helopoulos, Jason/Reeder, Harry/Phillips, Richard
Gospel Reformation Network: For The Continued Faithfulness Of The PCA (GA2018)
Garriot, Chuck/Novenson, Joe & Barbara
Wednesday's WIC Program 2002
Garriott, Chuck
Developing Ministry To People In Government
Garza, Andres
Ten Signs Of A Gospel Centered Church Planting Movement
A Stretegy To Reach Global Cities In Latin America
Garza, Andres/Wood, Kenton
Come Back To Mexico
Geiger, Josh
Babel Undone: Worshipping Together In Multiple Languages
Geiger, Josh/Martinez, Victor
Confianze: Approaching Ministry In The Hispanic Community
Geiger, Tim
Sexual Confussion In The Church: Becoming A Welcoming Church While Remaining Biblical
Making Your Church A Place Of Hope And Healing For Sexual And Gender Strugglers
Preaching, Teaching, And Counseling About Sex And Gender
Ministering To Transgender And Transgender-Affirming People In Your Church And Community
Gibson, Mary Margaret
Client Care 1 - 302 - Authentic Life: Sharing The Gospel Using Corne Needs
6-09 - Post Abortion - Sharing The Gospel Wih the Post-Abortive Momen
2-03 - Client Issues A - 4 Keys To Achieving Your Client's Evangelism Mission
Gibson, Mary Margaret/Panel
1-03 - Gospel Foundation - Core Needs Conversations: Role Play Bonanza!
Gibson, Mary Margaret/Parton, Julie
5-01 - Center Essentials A - Overcoming Obstacles To Evangelism In Your Center
A-02 - SMSC Center Instructor Training
B-02 - SMSC Center Instructor Training
Gilpin, Larry
When Your Long-Term Pastor Leaves: Successfully Navigating A Unique Transition In Your Congreation
Gleason, Eve
4-08 - New & Seasoned Directors - Best Practices For New Directors
Gleason, Eve/Deutsch, Willie
Client Marketing - 1-06 - Getting Social With Clients: Social Media 2.0
Gleason, Eve/Williams, Nancy
Center Essentials B - 4-02 - Volunteer Training Essentials
Gleason, Eve/Williams, Terry
New Directors/Center Management - 601 - Don't Shoot The Messenger, Improve Your Message!
6-01 - Center Essentials - Effective Advocacy
Gleason, Geoff
An Evening Of Confessional Concern And Prayer (GA2016)
An Evening Of Confessional Concern And Prayer (GA2015)
Gleason, Ron
Session 1 - Introduction: Reformed And Always Reforming
Session 3 - Chaplain and His Family
Session 2 - Chaplain's Personal Spiritual Life
Session 4 - Chaplain And His Sheep
Session 5 - Chaplain's Intellectual Life
Chaplain Training 2013 - Complete Set
Gleason, Sally
Loving Your Husband And His Calling To Lead
Glemaker, Kari
The Wireless Technology And Mobile Entertainment: What Every Parent Needs To Know
Glenn, Geoff
Evening Of Confessional Concern And Prayer 2017
Glenn, Gerald
Bishop Gerald Glenn - Wednesday Evening General Session (2012)
Glessner, Thomas
5-11 - Today's Issues - Legal Battles Facing Pregnancy Centers
Godsey, Jor-El
3-06 - Leadership (Advanced) - Leading Teams - Mustangs, Mavericks And Mules
Godwin, Charles
Short-Term Ministry: A Key To Missional Living
Advance Mentor Relationship Short-Term Missions
Golden, Alma
4-05 - Medical - Strategies For Adolescent Educaiton
Gore, RJ
Changing Context Of Preaching And Worship
Goudie, Teri
Effective Media Interviews - I: Control The Media
Effective Media Interviews - II: Turning Tough Questions Into Moments Of Truth
How To Answer With Speed And Dignity
Using Your Media Skills On A Daily Basis
Controlling The Message And The Image
Graham Jr, Preston
Missionary Church: Missional Ecclesiology & Church Planting In Today's Post-Everything Society
Graham, Rebecca
Father Factor In Maternal Child Health
C05 - Complete Men Matter Track
A05 - Men Matter
B05 - Men Matter
Grahamm, Preston
The Missionary Church: Missional Ecclosiolgy And Church Planting In Today's Post-Everthing Society
Gray, Beth
4-01 - Client Issues - Interactive Problem Solving
Grffith, Mack
How To Minister To Deployed And Redeployed Military Personnel And Their Families
Griffith, Howard
...But Then, Face To Face
Renewed Day By Day: Westminster, Miserable Sinners And The Sanctifying Spirit Of Christ
The Biblical Boundries Of Divorce And Remarriage
Griffith, Jordynn/Schrage, Karolyn
4-06 - Outreach - Don't Hesitate - Dream Big!
Grizzard Agency
Fundraising - Questions And Anwers
Secrets Of The Fortune 500 For Nonprofits
Demystifying Online Marketing For Nonprofits
How Your Newsletter Can Drive Donor Loyalty And New Revenue
Guerra, Al
How To Attract, Equip, And Activate Hispanics For Ministry
Gushta, Karen
An Intro To Kids Evangelism/How To Host A Kids Missions Conference
Gutherie, Donald/Haack, Dennis
A Framework For Small Groups
Guthrie, Nancy
No More Wasted Sorrows: Helping People Go Deeper With God In Grief
2010 WIC Thursday Program
Gyertson, Dave
BT - Board Training Track (2010)
Haberkorn, Mary
Unearthing The Tension: A New Concept On Inter-generational Relationships
Habig, Brian
The Barrier Of Me
When Flow Charts Aren't Flowing: Fleshing Out Connectionalism In The PCA
The New Community
What Could PCA Church (Potentially) Offer Postmodern?
Reaching The Post-Modern Student
Hailey, Ben
Missions With Confidence
Hall, David
Calvin's Principles Of Government
Hall, Jacob
6-06 - Outreach - Optimizing Google Ads For Pregnancy Centers
Hall, Jacom/DiCaro, Vince
4-01 - Center Essentials - Making Clients Push Your Buttons: Websites That Work
Hall, Jake/Hunt, Jeff
Client Marketing - 2-06 - Creating Websites Clients Love
Hall, Jeffrey
Motivation: Cultivating Willing Workers
The Gospel And Repentance In Classroom Learning
Halvorson, Derek
WIC Thursday Luncheon (GA2015)
Ham, Elaine
Effecitve Church Campaigns
Hamrick, Kristi/Cobem, Pam
Advocacy/Communications (2) - Engaging The Media With Confidence
Hankerson, Hank
Suburban & Urban Partnerships
Developing Suburban/Urban Partnership
Hansen, Kristin
Effective Development And Use Of Press Releases
Hansen, Kristin/Mattingly, Linda
Using The New Care Net Website
Hardgrove, Opal
I Didn't Sign Up For This: Caring For The Caregiver
Hardgrove, Opal/Burklin, Kay
MTW Short Term MIssions: Making The Gospel Accessible Around The Globe
Hardy, Kim
Medical - 6-10 - Ultrasound Re-boot: First Things First
Harnish, James/LaRosa, Justin
Forming Disciples In The Local Church
Harnly, Kristen
Starting A Disability Ministry In Your Church
Harriman, Brent
Reaching In Before Reaching Out
Harrisoin, Donna
Medical - 607 - After The Choice: Reviewing The Literature On Abortion Risks
Harrison, Dr. Donna
3-07 - Medical - Understanding The Ella-phant In The Room
Hartman, Emily
A Practical Tool For Teaching Truth To Your Heart And To The Hearts Of Others
Hartzell, Mark
The Fruits, Shoots And Roots Of Homosexuality
Redemptive Ministry Toward Those Involved With Homosexuality
Homosexuality: Redemptive Ministry Toward Those Involved With Same-Sex Attraction
Hatch, Jim
Is Church Planting For You? (2006)
Is Church Planting For You? (2007)
Is Church Planting For You? (2009)
Is Church Planting For You? (2012)
Hatch, Pat/Chung, Maranatha/Henning, Barry/Tan, Timothy
Advancing The Gospel In A Changing North America
Hathaway, Joel
Best Practices For Small And Mid-Sized Church Search Committees: The Real Power Of Community
Hathaway, Nick
A New Vision For Youth Directors, Ruling Elders, And Some Presbytery Committees
Heck, Peter
1-11 - Today's Issues - Defeating A Hostile Media Culture
Hedrick, Sissy
6-04 - Leadership - Boardroom Tactics: How To Maintain PEACE During The Battle
Heiland, Melissa
Evangelism - 3-08 - Graceful Evangelism In And Out Of The Center
Heim, Tami
Center Essentials A - 4-01 - Mentoring
Center Essentials A - 3-01 Planning And Preparing For Your Future Leadership
Helopoulos, Jason
Teaching Family Worship In The Local Church
Family Worship In The Christian Home
Let The Children Worship
Henke, David
1-05 - Fundraising - Understanding The World Of Online Giving
Hensley, Samuel
BioEthics - Medical And Pastoral Challenges: Difficult Questions/Humble Answers
Hernandez, Rinaldo/Pendergrass, Annette
Same Team - Different Positions - Clergy & Laity Leading Together
Higgins, Mike
Jesus, Friend Of Sinners
Hilderbrand, Chris/Brown, Matt
Is The Multi-Congregational Church Model Right For You?
Hilton, Michael
The Once And Future Calvinism
Hodge, Karen
United In Christ - Marriage And Ministry
Truths That Transcend
Life-Giving Leadership - Women's Training Seminar
Expectations And Illusions: Bursting The Bubble For Leadership Wives
Gospel Encouragement: A Panel For Ruling And Teaching Elder's Wives
Hodge, Karen/Panel
Gospel Encouragement For Ministry Marriages
Hodge, Karen/Resch, Tami
An Epidemic Of Loneliness: Gospel Hope For Women
Hogan, Mark
Conflict Resolution And Conflict Transformation: Understanding The Difference
Hollis, Carolyn Cline
2-11 - Spiritual Encouragement - Too Stressed To Be Blessed?
Honeycutt, Deborah
5-07 - Medical - The Changes Face Of Ella
Hooper, Charles
Mobilizing Men To Pray With Kingdom Focus
Hooper, Charles/Starkes, Monte
Life On Life Missional Discipleship
Igniting A Life On Life Missional Discipleship Movement In And Through Your Church
Hoover, David
Conflict Resolution In The Workplace
Gaining Through Workplace Conflict
Hopkins, Cindy
1-02 - Client Marketing - The Vision For Client Marketing
New Directors/Center Management - 301 - Leadership: Foundations Of Excellence
1-01 - Center Essentials - Practical Leadership: What You "Do" Counts!
Hopkins, Cindy/Christiansen, Sandy
2-01 - Center Essentials A- Hello, May I Help You? Lessons Talking To The Abortion-Minded On The Phone
Hopkins, Cindy/Crosby, Joy
Spiritual Foundations/Marketing Your Center
Hopkins, Cindy/Foust, Bob
Portriats Of A PC Leader
Hopkins, Cindy/Maxon, Jeanneane
A-06 - New Directors Fundamentals
B06 - New Director Fundamentals
A06 - New Director Fundamentals
C06 - Complete New Directors Fundamentals Track
Hornick, Bob/Lucas, Sean
Book Of Church Order 101
Hosler, Lisa
Prayer As A Posture For Leadership
Advance 4 - Leading In The Secret Of The Productive Pause
4-04 - Leadership - How To Lead Unexhausted
Howell, Matt
The Ministry Of Small Talk
Hubach, Stephanie
Leading Disability Ministry As Transformational Ministry
Disability And The Gospel: Why Disability Ministry Is Central To The Life Of The Church
The Accessible Kingdom Of God
All Things Possible: Call Your Church Leadership To Embrace Disability Ministry
Same Lake, Different Boat: Identifying/Ministering Alongside People Touched By Disability
Moving From Welcoming To Beloning: The 5 C's Of Church Inclusion
Revolution Or Reformation? How To Be Agents Of Change In The Body Of Christ
Justice Mercy & Faithfulness In Action: Changing Our Ministry Mindset From Crisis Care To The Daily-ness Of Disability
Hubach, Stephanie/Jakes, Sue
Thinking Biblically About Disability: What's In Your Worldview?
Huber, Aimee
Leadership - 606 - Leading Through Change
Center Essentials B - 5-02 - Leading Through Change
5-04 - Leadership - Build And Sustain
Huber, Valerie/Mosack, Mary Anne
6-10 - Sexual Risk Avoidance - Gifting Your Gab: Principles Of Effective Communication
4-10 - Sexual Risk Avoidance - Clydesdale Approach: Pull Toghter Center, Schools, and Community
5-10 - Sexual Risk Avoidance - Teaching With Power & Polish
2-10 - Sexual Risk Avoidance - Resisting Rhetoric Intimidation: Promote Abstinence Without Apology
3-10 - Sexual Risk Avoidance - "Can I Use Up All My Oxytocin?" Just The Facts!
1-10 - Sexual Risk Avoidance - Time To Wim: Take Sex Education Out Of The Hands Of Planned Parenthood
Hudson, Ginner
Creating A Climate Of Improvement
Hudson, Tom
Bring Good News To Roman Catholic Family & Friends
Hunt, Breanne
Development - 504 - Creating A Development Action Plan
Development - 404 - Building Your Donor Base In Rural Areas
Development - 3-07 - Small Town, Big Impact! Building A Stronger Donor Base In Rural Settings
Hunt, Susan
Generation To Generation
Home: A Haven Of Grace
Family Blessings Generation To Generation
Hunt, Susan/Duncan, Ligon
Women's Ministry In The Local Church
Hurley, James
Weep With Those Who Weep, Speak Truth In Love - I
Weep With Those Who Weep, Speak Truth In Love - II
Huss, Will
Help With Building Your Church Building
Hutchinson, Chris
The Gospel And The Deacon
Humility Together
Hutchinson, Rick
Church Planting In Small Town, Working Class Communities
Hux, Clete
Harry Potter-Aslan/Distinguishing Their Worldviews
Eastern Mysticism And Western Pragmatism In Our Religously Pluralistic Culture
Healthy, Wealthy, And Wise: Word-Faith Movement
Hymen, April
Effective Evangelism In The Counseling Room: Preperation
Hymen, April/Montgomery, Aundree'/Triller, Kim
Effective Evangelism In The Counseling Room: Styles And Role Play
Ince, Irwyn
A Change Is Gonna Come
Moderator Acceptance Speech 2018
Ingram, Chip
Saturday Lunch Keynote (2008)
Irwin, John
Dealing With, Or Being Prepared For, Personal Loss In Ministry
Iverson, Dan
Reaching Japan's Lost Millions
Iverson, William
Entropy In The Church: Discovering The Causes And Searching For Answers
Enjoying The Risen Lord In Lifestyle Evangelism: Winning Others To Christ Without Even Trying
Jackson, Alicia
A History Presentation Of Colored Methodist Episcopal Church To Christian Methodist
In His Image? How Racial And Ethnic Stereotypes Shape Our Views Of God's Creation
Jackson, Corey
Planting And Pastoring A Multi-Culture Church (2017)
Planting And Pastoring A Multi-Cultural Church (2016)
Jackson, Tom
Dads And Disability: Ministering To Men Who Have Families With Special Needs
Jakes, Sue/Griffith, Bethany
Building A Volunteer Team For Your Children's Ministry
James, Carolyn
The Blessed Alliance: Men And Women Serving God Together
The Necessity Of Theology For Women - How The Church Can Do A Better Job Of Reaching Women
James, Frank
Peter Martyr And The Westminster Confession
The Untold Story: John Calvin And The Genevan Missionary Enterprose
James, Kay Coles/Johnson, Abby/Urban Pastors
Kay Coles James - Thursday Dinner/General Session 2010
Jeanson, Nathaniel
The Riddle Of 6,000 Years: What Does Biology Say About The Date Of Creation?
Jennings, Nelson
Becoming A Retro-Acts 1:8 Church
Christians, Muslims, And America's Superpower Status
Do Seminars On Islam Help Or Hurt?
Johnson, Abby
Abby Johnson - Friday Morning General Session
4-04 - Client Issues B - The Abortion Clinic Client
Advance 1 - Competing With The Abortion Industry
Johnson, Deborah/Fletcher, Deede
6-11 - Spiritual Encouragement - Winning The Unseen Battle For Your Center
Johnson, Greg
4-02 - Church Involvement - The Key To Effective & Healthy Center Boards: Local Pastors!
Johnson, Patrick
With Generous Giving
Johnson, Sylvia
Center Essentials A (3) - Discussing A Past Abortion
Center Essentials B (3) - Jesus First: Putting Evangelism On The Front Bunner
Johnston, Greg & Susan/Rug, John & Cathy
Different Continents, Similar Challenges: The Crisis Of Disability Around The World
Johnston, Shannon
50 Shades Of Grace
Jones, Alonza & Vanessa
5-08 - Sexual Integrity - Presenting Marriage To The Pregnant Couple: When Living Together Is "Good Enough"
Underserved (3) - When Living Together Seems "Good Enough"
Jones, Mark
More To Be Discovered: John Owen On Writing New Confessions
Jones, Michael
Equipping The Saints With A Heart For The Lost
Jones, Paul
The Roles Of Music In Worship
Jones, Peter
The DaVinci Code & Return Of Gnostic Apostasy
What You Should Know For Witnessing To Pagans
How Should Christians Respond To The DaVinci Code
Evangelism In America After The DaVinci Code
Outreach That Connects
Pesky Verses Or The Power Of God: Romans One And Homosexuality
Christian Witness In A Post-Constantinian Age
Roman 1's Cosmological Understanding Of Homosexuality
Jones, Rebecca
Good News From Home: Your Home As Witness To The Gospel (For Women Only)
Toward The Biblical Theology Of Womanhood (For Women Only)
Jun, Alexander
Gospel Neighboring
Jussely, Carrie/Penh, Phnom
Human Trafficking: Bought With A Price
Kachuriak, Tim
Fundraising (4) - A Holistic Approach To Building Donors Online
Kantartzis, Giotis
MTW Plenary Session #2 - Saturday Morning (2013)
Sharing Christ WithThe Orthodox
Kapic, Kelly
Faith, Hope And Love: A Theological And Pastoral Meditation On Physical Suffering Among The People Of God
The Relationship Between Theology And Worship
Kaufman, Steve
What's So Christian About Education At Covenant College?
Kaufmann, Dick
Church Planting & Outreach Luncheon 2010
Keller, Tim
Christ For The World We Bring - Mission
Jesus, The Church, And The City
I Came To You In Weakness (Wednesday Evening Worship Service 2016)
Kelly, Doug
The Catholicity Of John Calvin's Theology - I
Mysticism In The Westminster Tradition: Yes Or No?
The Westminster Standards On The Sabbath
Christ Our Mediator, According To Westminster Confession
Calvin As Pastor
The Catholicity Of John Calvin's Theology - II
Kelly, Mike/Deltano, Keith
Friday Evening Entertainment & Comedy (2008)
Kelso, Brian
Developing Homegrown Church Leadership
Credentialing For The Gospel Ministry In The PCA
Kelso, Brian/St. Germain, Dony
Short Term Missions: One Of Our Greatest Tools To Advance The Gospel In The Changing Cultures
Kennedy, D. James
The Old Lamplighter
Khandjian, Mike
Grace On Display: God's Beauty In Our Brokeness
Kickasola, Joseph
Why Christians In The West Ought To Understand The Hermeneutics Of Islamic Political Theology
No Eye Has Seen: More Thoughts On God/Cinema
What Christians Need To Know About Changes In Islam
Kim, Daniel
First Things First
Kim, Joel
Gospel Reformation Luncheon 2018
Kim, Joseph
Genesis: A Startup College To Reach The Forgotten Youth Of Japan
Kim, Julius
Preaching The Whole Counsel Of God: Design And Delive Gospel-Centered Sermons
Kim, Lloyd
The Inevitable Future Of The Global Church
Kim, Sebastian
Sermon Listeneing In An Age Of Distraction
Kinkade, Russ
Sexuality And Adults With Intellectual Disabilities
Letting Go Of Your Adult Child With Special Needs: Helping Parents Change Roles
College Options For Young Adults With Disabilities
Kinnamon, Michael
UMC Plenary Session #1 - Thursday Afternoon (2012)
Kinser, John
Ministry Helps For Smaller Churches
Kirkpatrick, Harvey
Gospelicious Ministry To Men: Theory And Action For Profound Change
Kirpatrick, Nanda/Parish, Mona
3-09 - Seasoned Leadership - Consider The Future: Executive Transition And Succession Planning
Kittredge, Douglas/Zadok, David
Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem
Klarenbeck, Julie/Schrage, Karolyn
B-06 - STI Testing And Treatment
A-06 - STI Testing And Treatment
Klarenbeek, Julie
2-07 - Medical - Limited Gestation Prenatal Care: A Good Fit For Pregnancy Centers
STI Testing And Treatment In The PRC - I
STI Testing And Treatment In The PRC - II
STI Testing And Treatment In The PRC - III
Medical 201: Overview And Framework
Medical 201: Diagnosis And Treatment
Klarenbeek, Julie/Schragg, Karolyn
Advance 6 - STI Testing And Treatment
Kloth, Cory
Engaging With Karl Barth: A Look At His Life, Ministry & Theology
Knollenberg, Brenda
Client Marketing - 3-06 - Making Your Center A Place Of Calm In A World Of Chaos!
Koch, Kahty/Snneeringer, Christine
1-03 - Client Issues A - Same-Sex Attraction: Ministering To Clients Who Identify As LGBTQ
Koch, Kathy
Advance 7 - Technology: Truths & Lies
Koch, Kathy - General Session #4 - Thursday Lunch
3-08 - Sexual Integrity - Sex Wasn't Designed For This!
Evangelism - 1-08 - What Does The Gospel Do For Me?
Client Marketing - 4-06 - Content + Communication = King
Advance 2 - Motivation Matters: Making Change Permanent
Client Care 2 - 203 - Why Do Clients Make The Decisions They Make
Advance 2 - Authentic Life: Clients' Needs, God's Answers
4-11 - Today's Issues - Change - Teach Them, Don't Tell Them
5-08 - Pro-Abundant Life - Teaching Your Clients Discernment And Resiliency
2-02 - Development - Communicating Your Needs To The Whole Mind
Mil01 - Millennial Forum
2-01 - Client Issues - Who Are These People? Understanding the "Millennial" Clients
3-02 - Client Marketing - Marketing To Change Opinions And Get Desired Action
4-02 - Client Marketing - Marketing To Cut Through The Noise
1-07 - Operations - Recruiting, Equipping, And Retaining Millennial Employees And Volunteers
Center Essentials B (1) - Millennial Women: The Influence Of Digital Technology
Center Essentials A (5) - Millennial Conversations: Engage Them And Keep Them Talking
1-02 - Center Essentials A - Counseling The Millennial Client
5-03 - Center Essentials B - Authentic Answers For Abstinence
B-05 - Millennial Mindset
A-05 - Millennial Mindset
Koh, Henry
MNA Korean Ministries Lunch 2009
Enhancing Multiethnic PCA Thru Korean 2nd Generation
Kooistra, Paul
General Plenary Session I
General Plenary Session III
General Plenary Session IV
The Secret Of A Christ-Centered Church
Grace-Filled Church - Making God-Centered Disciples (2006)
Grace-Filled Churches - Making God-Centered Disciples (2007)
The Foundation Of Missions
The Work Of Missions
The Call
MTW Plenary Session #1 - Friday Evening (2013)
Kruger, Melissa
Culitvating Christian Contentmet
Kruger, Michael
How Did Jesus Become God? A Response To Bart Ehrman's Recent Book On Christology
Deconstructing Canon: Recent Challenges To The Origins And Authority Of The New Testament Writings
Kuck, Marie
From Nathaniel's Hope: Respite Care For Kids With Special Needs - It's A Win! Win! Win!
Kuh, Bill
State Of The Union: PCA Healthcare And Benefits
Kuhl, Kathy
Homeschooling Children With Special Needs
Kwansy, John
Stress Vs. Anxiety: Understanding the Differences
Kwasny, John
Marriage And Disability: Great Challenges And Great Opportunities
Kwasny, Martie
Leading Well In Special Needs Ministry
Grief And Loss For Individuals And Families Touched By Disability
Kwasny, Martie/Walker, Morgan/Stewart, Abby
Interventions And Treatment Plans For Children With Challenging Behavior
Kwasny, Victoria
Cause 4 Life: Joni And Friends Insternship
Kwon, Duke
Building A Racially Inclusive Church
What Is Racism?
Seated At The Table
Kwon, Duke/Sauls, Scott/Serven, Doug/St. Clair, Joel/Whitfield, Russ
Ministry In Changing Neighborhoods: How To Lead The Way Forward
Kyle, Jeff
REshape and REthink Missions In Your Church To Reflect Our Global-Local Age
LaCour, Al
Global-Local Missions: Get Involved In World Missions NOW
Welcome The Nations! You And Your Church Can Reach International Students (2016)
Reaching The World On American Campus
Having A Global Impact For Christ Without Moving Overseas
You And Your Church Can Welcome The World (2011)
You And Your Church Can Welcome The World (2012)
You And Your Church Can Welcome The World (2013)
Lafaro, Ellie
Thursday Lunch Keynote (2009)
Lamb, Andrew/Whited, Rod
Partnerships In Missions
Lamont, Janis
Marketing Your Center
Lancaster, Jeffrey
So You Wanna Be A Ministry Rockstar (2010)
Landreth, Jenni
Foster And Adopt: After The Rescue - What The Church Can Do To Help Families Heal The Wounds Of The Traumatized Child
Lane, Tim
Pastoral Care For Fearful, Needy People
Wednesday's WIC Program 2012
Helping A Couple Rebuild Their Marriage After Adultery
Ministry Of The Word To People And Their Problems
Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation
Langer, Michael
Letting Go In Ministry
Extroverts Leading Introverts
Langford, Philip
Main 01 - The Work Of Justice: What's Possible - For Our Neighbors
Main 02 - The Work Of Justice: What's Possible - For Ourselves
The Work Of Justice: What's Possible?
Main 06 - The Work Of Justice: What's Possible - For Our World
Larroux, Jean
Short Term Ministry - One Of Our Best Tools For Church Multiplication
Larsen, Eric/Chung, John
Welcome To McWorld: Engaging The Emerging Generation (2011)
Larsen, Eric/Correa, David/Belz, Mindy
Understanding The Culture With No Borders
Larsen, Eric/Sweeney, Chip/Wilcher, Scott
Effectively Reaching The Next Generation With The Gospel
Reaching The Next Generation With The Gospel
Larsen, Sam
Engaging Worldviews: Gospel And Society
Global Kingdom Vision And The Westminster Confession Of Faith
Larsen/Eric/Taylor/Jonathan, Correa, David
Reaching The Largest Unreached People: Global Youth
Lathrop, Nancy
1-04 - Client Issues B - Con-tech-ting: Using Technology In The Counseling Room
Lawson, Sheri
Tools To Address Image And Resource Development
Understanding Non-Profit Organizational Development
Layton, Aaron
The Coming Harvest: People Of Color And The PCA: Matthew 9:37-38
Dear White Christian: What Every White Christian Needs To Know About Black Christians In America
Layton, Pat
5-02 - Development - The Money Mission: Raising Funds The Natural Way
B-07 - Post-Abortion Recovery: A Passionate Partnership Between The Church And The PRC
A-07 - Post-Abortion Recovery: A Passionate Partnership Between The Chuch And The PRC
Lear, Susan
Filling In The Gaps In Your Community Needs
Lee, Douglas
Small Churches: Large Community Blessings
Lee, Jae
Vision For The Future Of Church In Korean Churches In PCA
Lee, Owen
Gospel Centered Revitalization In Asian-American Culture
Legere, Lenore
2-03 - Center Essentials B - Charting With Accuracy, Confidence, And Ease!
Lewis, Andy
Living In Honesty In Life And Ministry
Lewis, Andy/Mays, Debbie
Women As Helpers & Protectors: The Role Of Women As Couselors To The Next Generation
Lewis, Harold/Maynard, Phil
Building Kingdom Leaders
Lewis, Lance
The Sensual Adventure Of Biblical Sexuality: Engaging Our Churches, Culture & Youth With The Biblical Beauty Of Physical Intimacy
Moving Forward: Actively Engaging Issues Of Race/Ethnicity From A Biblically Point Of View
LIFE International - Zollar, Matthew
A-04 - Culture Intelligence
B-04 - Cultural Intelligence
Lillback, Peter
George Washington's Christian Faith: Why Does It Matter?
The First Six Freedoms Of The American Citizen And Why The Matter For Military Chaplains
The Two Kingdom Debate: How It Impacts The Christians' Rolea In The Public Square
Chaplain Training - III (2018)
Chaplain Training - IV (2018)
Lillback, Peter/Panel
The PCA And Persecution: Not If, But When - Are You Prepared?
Lincoln, Dyxie
Connect With Relevence: Reaching Today's Multicultural Community
Linne, Shai
Spreading The Fame Of Christ Through The Arts
Lipford, Dan
Congregational Hymn Playing That Energizes Congregational Singing
Lisanti, Christ
Medical - 3-10 - Reading The Scan: The Medical Doctor's Role
Lisanti, Christopher
6-05 - Medical - I'm Not Seeing What I Expect: The Abnormial Ultrasound
Lisanti, Dr. Chris
5-07 - Medical - Abnormal Ultrasounds: Recognition & Response In The Medical PRC
Lisle, Jason
Astronomy Reveals Creation
Lochmoeller, Ed
Identifying & Dealing With Burnout
Pain Is Too Valuable To Waste
Logan, Samuel
God-Center Worship In Theology Of Jonathan Edwards
Longacre, David
Mobilizing The Church For Redemptive Ministry To Those Ensnared In Sexual Sin
LookOut Moutain Presbyterian Church Pastoral Team
Doing Ministry As An Intentional Pastoral Team
Lothamer, Tom
5-09 - Spiritual Leadership - A Ministry Transformed By Prayer
Lowe, Wendy
1-03 - Center Essentials B - Leading Multi-Generational Teams
Lowe, Wendy/Williams, Yvonne
Board Training Serminar (One Day Training - 2014)
Lowery, Mark
Discipling Through Bible Studies: Choosing The Best Approach
Lowrey, Mark
New Bible Studies For Youth
Equipping Disciples Through Bible Study: Lecture, Discussion or Inductive?
Lowther, Roger
Art, Church Planting, And Relief Work In Japan
Lowther, Roger & Abi
The Missionary Artist
Lucas, Sean-Michael
Grace Transforms Everything
Coalescing Conservative Dissent: Southern Presbyterians & Confessional Revision In The 1930s
Making Disciples: Thinking Through Presbyterian Identity In Our Emerging World
Calvin's Doctrine Of Creation And Its Implications For Reformed Faith And Practice
Grace-Centered Leadership: A Framework For Leading Wherever God Has You
For A Continuing Church: Lessons Learned From The History Of The Presbyterian Church In America
Lost Legacies: African American Fathers And Brothers In Presbyterian History
Lucas, Sean-Michael/Harper, Chris
A Conversation On Shepherding Ministerial Candidates
Lusk, Herb
Friday Morning Keynote (2008)
Friday Evening Keynote (2009)
Lyne, Ray
Lifestyle Giving - The Estate Design Process - I
Lifestyle Giving - The Estate Design Process - II
Lifestyle Giving - We'll Help You Give More Effectively
Lifestyle Giving - How A Charitable Trust Can Make Taxes Optional
Lyons, Gabe
Keynote Speaker #3 - Thursday Lunch (CN2017)
M., Tim
Speaking Truth In Love To Muslims Everywhere
MacGregor, Jamie
The New Missing Generation - Helping Your Church Engage The Seniors In Your Community
Machowski, Marty
Teaching Theology To Children
Mackert, Janet
Igniting A Passion To Pray
Maduerne, Hans
Adam, Original Sin And The Evolution Debate: What's At Stake For The PCA?
Mallory, Kerry
Finding Financial Freedom With A Budget
Maloney, Lisa
5-04 - Client Issues B - Grief Support & Counseling
6-02 - Development - Event Design On A Shoestring
Maoz, Baruch
Reformed Distinctives In Jewish Evangelsim
Jewish Evangelism: Promoting A Consistently Reformed View Of And Engagement In Jewish Evangelism
Marcey, Bruce
Communicating Truth
March, Kathy/Ferris, Pam/Kelton, Susan
My Grandmother Is Praying For Me
Martinez, Laura/Kirkpatrick, Nanda
2-04 - Leadership - Effective Volunteer Training: Design And Impliementation
Martinze, Victor
Hispanics In America: A Historical & Providential People
Mashburn, Lee/Thomas, Anthony
Ministering To Mormons With The Real Christ
Mason, Tom
Your Role In Mentoring The Next Generation
Massey, Stacy
5-05 - Ladership (Fundamentals) - Planning In The Sandbox
Matlack, Ken
Is The Holy Spirit Working In Europe?
Matlock, Tammie
Warring In The Heavenlies: The Indispensible Work Of Prayer In The Advance Of The Kingdom
Mattox, M. Casey
Responding To Attacks: Attorney General Inquires And Developing Legal Issues
Maxon, Jeanneane
Medical 101: Legal Issues
Legal Issues (2008)
Board Role In Human Resource Issues
Top Five Legal Concerns For Centers in 2008
Advocacy/Communications (1) - Define Your PRC Before Someone Else Does
Organizational Leadership (4) - Stay In The Game And Out Of The Court: HR And Legal Essentials
5-05 - Medical - Top Ways To Limit Medical Liability
Top Ways To Limit Medical Liability
Navigating The Board/ED Relationship And Other HR Concerns
Legal Issues (2009)
2-05 - Leadership (Fundamentals) - Leading Within The Law
3-07 - Medical - HIPAA, Accrediation, And Other Legal Conundrums
4-06 - Leadership (Advanced) - Leading Well And Keeping It Legal (HR)
New Directors/Center Management - 401 - Legal Care: Protecting Your Organization
Client Issues B - 5-05 - Legal Care
Center Essentials B - 1-02 - HR Essentials For Emerging Leaders
3-01 - Client Care - Navigating Complex Confidentiality Issues In The Modern Era
1-04 - Leadership - Legal Issues For New Center Leadership
Maxon, Jeanneane/Glessner, Tom/Napier, Doug
3-07 - Operations - Ministering To Minors: Overview Of Laws And Restrictions
Mayes, Toneia
6-10 - Spiritual Health - Avoiding Burnout In Ministry
5-09 - Spiritual Encouragement - Overcoming Weariness And Burnout In The PRC
6-08 - New & Seasoned Directors - Navigating The Board/E.D. Relationship
Mayes, Tonela/Wednt, Shannon/Phelps, Scott
A-01 - Abstinence
B-01 - Abstinence
Mays, Debbie/McGreevy, Mary Beth
Ministry to Women: The Next Generation
Mays, Rod
Philosophy Of A Church-Based Campus Ministry (2002)
Why Church-Based Campus Ministry?
Philosophy Of A Church-Based Campus Ministry (2004)
Sufficiency Scripture/Confronting Culture
MTW Plenary Session #3 - Saturday Evening (2013)
Is A Fellows Program Right For Your Church
Mays, Rod & Debbie
Women In The Church Wednesday Program (2013)
McCann, Joe
Seeking Refuge: A Biblical Response To The Refugee Crisis
McCarter, Vicky
Spiritual Leadership (3) - Leading From Your Knees: Presence-Based Leadership
McConnell, Joan
Domestic Abuse - (Re)Defining Our Response
McDaniel, Cindy/Flink, Mike
3-02 - Development - The Problem With Money
2-10 - Spiritual Health - Prayer As A Gift And Structure Of Your Ministry
McDonald, Julie
3-05 - Medical - Medication Abortions: Revealing The Facts
McDoniel, Chet
Chet McDoniel - Friday Morning General Session 2010
McGowan, Charles
Finding Your Next Pastor (2012)
Finding Your Next Pastor (2011)
McGowan, Elbert
African-Americans In World Missions: Past, Present, And Future
McGreevy, Mary Beth
How To Think About Parachurch Bible Studies
McIllhenny, Chuck
Chaplain Training I (2014)
Chaplain Training II (2014)
Chaplain Training III (2014)
Chaplain Training IV (2014)
McKeown, Tim
Help! We Need A Hispanic Church Planter
PCA Congregations Making Hispanic Disciples In Their Changing Local Demographic
McLaughlin, Chris
Maximizing Social Media
McLaughlin, Rebecca
Opening Our Universities To God's Mission
McNairy, Jack
1-09 - Spiritual And Professional Life - Moving From Anger To Forgiveness And Conflict Resolution
2-09 - Spiritual And Professional Life - Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes
McNaney, Marcia/Fowler, David
Advocacy/Communications (3) - Effective Legislative Relations
McRae, Bruce
Discipling By Grace
McWilliams, David B.
When Curse Turns To Blessing
McWilliams, Gail
Keynote Session #1 - Wednesday Lunch (2014)
Meeker, Meg
Keynote Speaker #3 - Thursday Lunch (CN2016)
Mehne, Robert
Organizational Leadership (3) - Lead Strategically: Draw Your Own Map
Melton, Marilyn
"Lovers Of Strangers" - Biblical Hospitality
Merkey, Doug
Growing Your Church As A Gospel-Driven Champion For Life
Merritt, Andy
Who Am I?PRC Counselor: Discovering The Key To Effective Evangelism
Who Is God? The PRC Commander: Plugging The Power Of God
Who Is She? The PRC Client: Touching, Teaching and Transforming Her Life
What Is The Plan? The PRC Calling: Learning To Present The Gospel At The Center
Called Of God: Receiving Your Birthright And Inheritance
Meyer, Kristin
4-03 - Client Issues A - Philomena: How Adoption Practices Have Changed (Thanfully!)
Michalak, Nandine
4-08 - Sexual Integrity - Inspiring Life Style Change In And Out Of The Counseling Room
Middleton, Marsha
Evangelism - 4-08 - Discipleship Depot! Supporting New Believers
Miles, Paula
We Do Not Lose Heart - Pressing On In Ministry
Miller, Connie
Nurturing & Cultivating A Women's Ministry While Planting A New Church
Aunt Emm...Toto: The Rainbows And Whirlwinds Of Ministry Marriage
Miller, Jennifer/Tremann, Louisa
Money Is Not The Measure: Cultivating A Healthy Understanding Of Support Raising
Miller, Jill
Including People Affected By Autism In Your Church
From Introducing Bethesda Cirriculum
Miller, Norm
Norm Miller - Thursday Lunch/General Session 2010
Miller, Paul
The Person Of Jesus (2009)
Doing Ministry Through Prayer
The Person Of Jesus (2004)
Prayer Life Seminar (2006)
Prayer Life (2007)
Milton, Mike
Confessional Christianity In An Age Of Crisis: the Westminster Assembly's Lessons For The Church Today
Developing An Outreach And Assimilation Plan For The Local Church
Don't Hold Back! Essentials Of The Reformed Faith In A Pluralistic Ministry Setting - I
Don't Hold Back! Essentials Of The Reformed Faith In A Pluralistic Ministry Setting - II
Great Expectations: The Role Relationship Of The Pastor's Wife And The Church
Mission To North America
Urban & Mercy Ministry
MNA Mercy Ministries Breakfast 2007
PCA Strategic Plan
MNA Urban & Mercy Breakfast 2003
MNA Church Planting Luncheon 2003
MNA Church Vitality Breakfast 2003
Mission To North America Ministries Luncheon 2017
Mission To North America Ministries Luncheon 2018
Mission To The World
Mission To The World Luncheon (GA2018)
Mission To The World Luncheon 2017
Mission To The World Luncheon (GA2015)
Mission To The World Lucheon 2016
Mission To The World Islam Team
Europe - The Lost Continent And Re-emerging Reformed Churches
Mission To The World Medical Department Representatives
A Practical Passion: MTW's Medical Mission
Mitchell, Danny
Is The Emerging Church Changing How We Do Youth Work?
Mitchell, Danny/Gosby, Brian
Giving Up Gimmicks: Reclaiming Youth Ministry From An Entertainmenet Culture (2012)
Mitchell, Danny/Jakes, Sue
2020 Vision: Growing Your Church Through Children And Youth Ministry
Mohler Jr., R. Albert
Reading, Preaching, And Hearing The Word Of God: TheWestminster Confession And The Centrality Of Scripture
Montgomery, Aundree'
Understanding Cultural Impacts When Counseling African American Women
2-10 - Underserved Outreach - Recruiting And Retaining African American Volunteers/Staff/Board Members
5-09 - Spiritual And Professional Life - In The GAP - The Importance Of An Intercessory Prayer Team
Underserved (5) - Counseling The Client Without Hope
Moon, Jim
Effective Outreach In Small Churches
Moon, Teresa
Teresa Moon - Thursday Lunch General Session (2012)
Advocacy/Communications (4) - Bridging The Gape To The Always-On Generation
1-06 - Leadership (Advanced) - Motivating Millenials: Mentor, Mobilze, Maximize
B-03 - Getting To Millennials: Hope And Help For Reaching The Next Generation
A-03 - Getting To Millennials: Hope And Help For Reaching The Next Generation
Moore, Gordon/Purcell, John
When Your Pastor Moves On - The Best Practice In Pastoral Succession
Moore, Greg/Roley, Scott/Troyer Arlin/Cosby, Wendy
Creating An Effective Orphan Care & Adoption Ministry In The Local Church
Moore, Russell
Keynote Speaker #2 - Wednesday Evening (CN2016)
Moran, David
Towards An Ethical Treatment Of Undocumented Immigratns
Reaching Hispanic-Americans Through Established Churches
House Of Prayer For All Nations
Morgan, Elisa
Elisa Morgan - Saturday Lunch/General Session 2010
4-09 - Spiritual And Professional Life - Fullfill: Live Out Your Influence
Morrow, Julie
Siblings: Opportunity Or Obligation?
Morton, J./Weichbrodt, E.
Faithful Reading: Tools For Interpreting Art And The Contemporary Art Experience
Morton, Jeff
The Joy Of Seeing And The Problem Of Looking: A Look At Every Day Photography
Reflections On An Ear Or Why The Body Matters (MTW2010)
Reflections On An Ear Or Why The Body Matters (GA2010)
Mosack, Mary Anne
1-07 - Prevention And Healing - The New Sex Ed Classroom
3-07 - Prevention And Healing - Maximizing Sex Ed Opportunities In The Next Four Years
Muether, John
Splendor InThe Ordinary: Westminster Confession On The "Outward And Ordinary Means Of Grace"
Mulhem, Ave
Advance 2 - Doctor Dad
1-06 - Fatherhood, Family & Men's Ministry- Reaching Fathers: What's Working & Why
Mulhem, Ave/Worrell, Russell
B-04 - Reaching Men
Mulkey, Marlys/Sigensreu, Michael
The Session And WIC: A Vital Ministry Partnership
Mullhem, Ave/Worrell, Rusell
A-04 - Reaching Men
Musgrave, Honorable Marilyn
Thursday Evening Keynote (2009)
Nabors, Randy
Outreach Through Community Involvement & Mercy
Dynamics Of Cross Cultural Ministry And Church Planting
Nabors, Randy/Edwards, Phil
Urban And Inner City Outreach
Nabors, Randy/Higgins, Mike
Cross-Cultural Dynamics Within Chaplain Ministries - I
Cross-Cultural Dynamics Within Chaplain Ministries - II
Cross-Cultural Dynamics Within Chaplain Ministries - III
Nabors, Randy/Kwon, Duke
MNA Luncheon - Sharing About Work in Washington, DC
Nasser, David
Keynote Speaker #5 - Friday Evening (CN2017)
Neel, Wes
Singles In The Church
Teaching Bible To Middle School Students
Nelson, Dean
Reaching African American Pastors
Nelson, Dean/Schrage, Karolyn/Null, Susan
B-03 - College Outreach
Nelson, Dean/Williams, Yvonne/Pino, Elise/Gilmer, Charles
A-03 - College Outreach
Nelson, Dean/Williams, Yvoone
Underserved (4) - Ministering To The College Client
Nettles, Tom
The Christology Of Westminster Confession Of Faith
Newbell, Trillia
Spiritual Health - 510 - Relying On The Lord
Promoting Abundant Life - 609 - Promoting Abundant Life
Newman, Barbara
Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Christian Perspective
Accessible Gospel: Introducing People With Disabilities To Jesus
Inclusion In Practice: How Belonging Happens In Christian Education Environments
Newman, Marc
4-04 - Development - Be More Visible: How To Effectively Raise Your Center's Proflie
Promoting Abundant Life - 209 - Communicating Pro-Abundant Life In Church Presentation
What Do You Look Like? Managing Your Public Image
Marc Newman - Tuesday Lunch/General Session
1-01 - Advocacy/Communications - Directors! Learn How To Protect/Enlarge Influence
2-01 - Advocacy/Communications - Five Steps To Creating A Presentaiton That Works
Hitting Your Public Speaking Target - No Matter The Audience
Newman, Randy
4-03 - Gospel Foundation - Gospel & Pregnancy Decisions: Explore Links Between Positive Tests And Cross Of Jesus
3-03 - Gospel Foundation - Rethinking Evangelism: Conveying Our Changeless Gospel In An Ever-Changing World
Newsome, Les
Understanding And Transitioning Your College Student
Nicholas, Tom
Counting The Cost: Dealing With The Heart Issues Behind Disability Ministry
Rethinking the Paradigm Of Church Life
Nielson, Kathleen
Loving And Teaching The Poetry Of The Bible
Voices Women Are Hearing
How Can Literature Open The Eyes Of Faith?
Nielson, Neil & Kathleen
Making The Covenant Transfer
Nielson, Sherah
Reaching The Hispanic Client
Norman, Julie Ziglar
Julie Ziglar Norman - Friday Morning General Session (2012)
Norris, Kimberlee
Avoiding Sexual Abuse In the Church: Keeping The Wolf Out Of The Sheep-Pen
Norton, J. Edward/Hitchings, Frank/Meredith, David
The United Kingdom Partnership: Facilitating An Indigenous Reformed Church Planting Movement For The United Kingdom
Novenson, Joe
The Help We Need To Love Like Jesus Might Hurt Us Like Heaven
Remember Who You Are
Living In The Gap
Chainsaw Repentance
MNA Church Planting Breakfast 2004
Novenson, Joe/Brock, Frank/Kent, Don
Eldership: A Servant Partnership - Being A Band Of Brothers, Not A Bunch Of Bosses
Nusbaum, E.J.
Transformed Leaders
O'Conner, Anne
4-05 - Medical - Limited Liability In The Medical Pregnancy Center
Client Care 1 - 602 - Top Legal Concerns In The Pregnancy Center
Odden, Cory
Developing & Implementing Proper Internal Financial Controls
Ogrosky, Gary
Gospel Outreach To Seniors: Four Practical Church Models
Oh, Michael
Suffering, Sacrifice, And Sex In Missions
Missions As Fasting
Ohden, Melissa
Keynote Speaker #4 - Friday Morning (CN2017)
Oliphint, Scott
Because It Is The Word Of God
Olsen, Sheri
5-09 - Post Abortion - Couples & The Effect Of Abortion On Relationships
3-09 - Post Abortion - PA Recovery: Keeping Your Post Abortion Ministry Vibrant
Ortiz, Omar
Equipping Minority Elders To Serve Their Presbyteries And The General Assembly
Ortlund, Jani
Subtle Sacrifices, Sweet Rewards
Osborne, Michael
Surviving Ministry - How To Weather The Storms Of Church Leadership
Owens, Bruce
Turning Taxes Into Treasures
Palmer, Robert/Conkel, Dean
Rising Generation: Who Are They, What They Need, & How To Connect With Them
Discipling The Millennial Generation
Paltell, Nancy/McLeod, Catherine
Defending Your Center At The State Capitol
Monday's Panel Discussion with Q&A
Tuesday's Panel Discussion with Q&A
Women In Combat
Client Care 2 - 503 - Coaching The Abortion-Minded Client
Medical - 307 - Meaningful Conversations In The Exam Room
Medical - 207 - In The Name Of Love: How Elective Abortion Can Impact Relationships
Client Marketing - 505 - Learn From The Best - Marketing Tips For Small Centers
Client Marketing - 605 - Learn From The Best - Marketing Tips For Large Centers
Partnering With The Church - 208 - Engaging The Church: What Pastors Want You To Know
Partnering With The Church - 408 - What It Takes To Activate The Church
Panel A
New Commissioner's Orientation - I
New Commissioner's Orientation - II
Panel B - MTW
Picking Up Steam; Keeping Up Steam; Keeping Your Missions Minstry Moving Foward
Panel Discussion
Appreciating Cultures In North America
Legal And Political Threats Facing Pregnancy Centers in 2009
Short Term Ministry: Is It Really Effective?
Students And Missionary Teams: The Mutal Benefits Of A MTW Internship
Panel Of National Leaders & Missionaries
Is Child Sponorship A Good Way To Help The Poor?
Thy Kingdom Come On Earth As It Is In Heaven: Justice And Mercy In Action
Panel Of Womens Ministry Directors
Evangelism - 6-08 - Partnering For Discipleship With The Church
Pannkuk, Leon
Developing A Prayer - Care - Share Lifestyle
Parish, Mona
3-02 - Center Essentials A - Maximizing Volunteer Commitment
Park, Billy
Korean Americans In The PCA: Envisioning A Better Future
Park, Billy/Cho, Abe/Jun, Alex/Kim, Joel
Korean Americans In The PCA: Engagement And Leadership
Parker, Allan/Reynolds, Tracy
3-03 - Client Issues A - When It Is Not Her Choice
Parker, Star
Saturday Lunch Keynote (2009)
Parton, Julie
5-01 - Client Issues - Sharing The Gospel With The Spiritually Resistant Client
3-09 - Spiritual And Professional - Life's Trickiest Balance: Family And Profession
Evangelism - 5-08 - Living Water For The Woman In Distress
Parton, Julie/Gibson, Mary Margaret
Advance 5 - Save The Mother, Save Her Child (SMSC)
Patterson, Kathleen
2-06 - Leadership (Advanced) - The Virtues And Vices Of Leadership: Leading In A Fallen World
3-09 - Spiritual Leadership - Women As Servant Leaders
Patterson, Kathleen/Satterwhite, Arthur
Leadership - 106 - The New Face Of Leadership
Paulette, Jeffrey
Client Marketing - 105 - 18 Online Marketing Tactics For Beginners
Client Marketing - 205 - Managing An Effective Online Ad Campaign
Paulhus, Pam
Medical 101: Nuts And Bolts Of Ultrasound Services
Pavone, Fr. Frank
Fr. Frank Pavone - Wednesday Lunch/General Session 2010
Pavone, Frank/Burke, Kevin/Morana, Janet
Advance 5 - Healing The Shockwaves Of Abortion
PCA Debate
How Then Shall We Live Together (& The Future Of The PCA)
PCA Various
Conference On Reformed Liturgy
Pelsue, Joel
Hollywood, The Arts, And The Church, Can We Be Friends?
Art, Taking Back What's Ours: The Cultural Mandate And The Bazalel Principles
Artists, The Cancer Of Gnosticism, And Reformed Churches
Pence, Bill
Helping Our People Connect Their Faith To Their Work And Callings
Pennington, Rebecca
Christian Children In Public Schools
Perritt, John
Opportunities For The Next Generation Of Young People
Perry, Keith/Hietzman, Bob
Are You Planning For Disaster?
Petcher, Don/Morris, Tim
Theological Themes For Science - I
Theological Themes For Science - II
Peterman, Amanda/Wilson, Kurt
4-04 - Client Marketing - Media Mix Best Practices
2-04 - Client Marketing - Marketing: Targeted Or Wasteful
1-04 - Client Marketing - Integrated Marketing & Expotenial Results
5-04 - Client Marketing - Online Marketing
Pettengill, Mike
Embracing The Scope Of God's Mercy For Community Transformation
Safety And Suffering In Missions
Phelan, Stephen
MNA Ministries Luncheon (GA2015)
Phelps, Rebecca
Special Needs Orphan Care And Adoption
Phelps, Scott
Advance 7 - Successfully Implementing An Abstinence Education Program
Promoting Abundant Life - 109 - Teaching Marriage To America's Youth
Phillips, Richard
Reformed Worship: Eurocentric Or Word-Centered?
Phillips, Rick
A Critique Of The Contemporary Grace Movement
Critique Of The Contemporary Grace Movement - Gospel Reformation Network
The Gospel Imperative: Rightly Relating Justification And Sanctification
Preaching The Prophets In A Postmodern World
Jesus, The Evangelist: Learning To Witness From The Gospel Of John
Phillips, Rick/Yagel, Gary
Recovering Biblical Manhood
Pierson, Anne
Spiritual Leadership (4) - Do You Love Me?
A Call To Discipleship
Discerning God's Will For Your Life And Center
Center Essentials B - 6-02 - Spiritual Health Of Your Center
1-10 - Spiritual Health - Getting To The Other Side
A01 - Abstinece
B01 - Abstinence
C01 - Complete Abtinence Track
Pillar, Michelle
Saturday Morning Keynote (2008)
Pipa, Joseph
Preaching: God's Major Medium
Shepherding The Flock - I
Shepherding The Flock - II
The Role Of The Holy Spirit In Preaching
Piper, John
Obedience, Orthodoxy, And Joy: Leadership For A Greater Consensus
Pitchon, Sol
Seeking The Face Of God
Evangelism In The Waiting Room - Reaching Men For Christ
2-09 - Seasoned Leaders - Answering God's Call To Mentor (Legacy Mentorship)
Advance 4 - Finding Fulfillment Through Temperament Leadership
Pitchon, Sol - Opening Session #2 - Wednesday Evening
Pitchon, Sol/Eades, Patrick
Men And Pregnancy Care
Pitchon, Sol/Freidman, Gail
5-05 - Development - Greet, Eat, & Reap: Fruitful Banquet FUN-Raising (2014)
Pitchon, Sol/Friedman-Barrett, Gail
5-04 - Development - Thank God It's FUN - Raising
Pitchon, Sol/Pavone, Father Frank
Wednesday Lunch Keynote (2009)
Plemmons, Robby
Mormonism 101
Plummer, Wy
Advancing Gospel Through Cross-Cultral Church Planting
Pluumer. Wy
Multi-Ethnic Church/Reach Across Culture for Christ
Pope, Randy
Create Culture Of Lay Leadership In Local Church - Part I
The PCA: A Missional Church?
MNA Revitalization/Evangelism Ministries Breakfast 2007
Using Westminster Confession To Develop Leaders
Create Culture Of Lay Leadership In Local Church - Part II
Establishing A Culture Of Discipleship In The Local Church
First Steps To Building A Soul-Winning Church
Chaplain Training (2008) - IV - Xpress Your Faith: Primary Tools - II
Equipping And Moblizing Your Church To Be Outward Focused (2008)
Chaplain Training (2008) - I - Xpress Your Faith: Introductory Tools - I
Chaplain Training (2008) - II - Xpress Your Faith: Introductory Tools - II
Chaplain Training (2008) - III - Xpress Your Faith: Primary Tools - I
Chaplain Training (2008) - V - Suport Tools & Question & Answer
Growing Up Believers And Developing Leaders (2008)
Inspiring Inquirers & Adding Members
The Church's Neglected Priorties
Equipping And Mobilizing Your Church To Be More Outward Focused (2009)
Growing Up Believers And Developing Leaders (2009)
Making Session Meetings The Best Night Of The Month: How The Session Is Suppose To Work (2010)
Insourcing: Bringing Discipleship Back To The Local Church
Characteristics Of A Healthy Church
Making Session Meetings The Best Night Of The Month, Or How The Session Is Supposed To Work (2016)
Breaking The Code: Mobilizing And Equipping Your Church To Be Outward Focused
Worship Devotional Friday Morning
Appropriating The Power To Love
Powell, Cindy/Gould, Karen
Organizational Leadership (5) - Recruit, Train, And Retrain Your Volunteers
Powell, Jim
Putting The Word To Work
Powell, Terry
Cultivating Resiliency In Ministry
Powers, Ted
Preparing Your Church To Plant A Church
A Primer On Church Planting (2012)
Every Church Plant A Church
A Primer On Church Planting (2009)
So You Want To Be A Church Planter?
A Primer On Church Planting (2005)
A Primer On Church Planting (2007)
A Primer On Church Planting (2006)
Powers, Ted/Hatch, Jim
Is Church Planting For You? (2013)
Who Can Plant A Church? Qualities And Characteristics Of A Church Planter
Powlison, David
Being Heard: What Are People Thinking When You Talk With Them?
Poythress, Vern
Language And Biblical Authority
Pratt, Richard
Increasing Churches' Giving Through Missions
Theological Education - The Need And Impact
Westminster's Approach To The Scriptures In Light Of Recent Evangelical Approaches
Empire & Emperors: The Kingdom Of God - I
Empire & Emperors: The Kingdom Of God - II
Empire & Emperors: The Kingdom Of God - III
Empire & Emperors: The Kingdom Of God - IV
Questions And Answers For Dr. Pratt
General Plenary Session II
General Plenary Session V - Worship
It's A Beautiful Thing
Pratt, Richard/Waddell, Glenn
A Global Partnership For Theological Education Begins
Purcell, John
Overcoming The 5 Dysfunctions Of A Church - 5 BIG IDEAS To Build An Effecitve And Growing Gospel-Focused Church
Six Models For Presbyterian Goverance Systems
Leadership Freedom For Ruling (And Therefore Teaching) Elders
Mission-Based Church Leadership
Values-Based Church Government
Transform Leader Development Thru Discipling & Coaching - I
Leader Development In Church: What Works & Why
Transform Leader Development Thru Discipling & Coaching - II
Effective Church Leadership Teams - Why Your Staff And Session Are Often More Dysfunctional Then Business Teams - And How To Turn That Around
Creating A Culture Of Ongoing Strategic Planning And Execution
Purcell, John/Culley, Jonathan
Shepherding And Coaching Your Leaders
Pyle, Brady
Center Essentials A - 5-01 - Out Of This World Leadership: How The Fruit Of The Spirit Helps You Shoot For Stars
Leadership - 206 - Teamwork: Collaborating To Hire And Develop Staff
Leadership - 306 - Out Of This World
Qualls, Pam/Stiggins, Jeff
Connecting To Our Community In Ways That Please God & Bless Others
Quillen, Michael
Relational Wisdom: A Better Kind Of Smart (2014)
Ramirez, Thea
5-02 - Center Essentials B - Adoption: Moving Beyond A Game Of Taboo
Ramspott, Kurt
How To Recruit Men To Reach Men
Man To Man
Rarig, Berenice
Imaging Grace
RBI Panel
Wise Planning: Looking Into The Future
Reeder, Harry
The Effective Gospel Minister And The Pursuit Of Personal Holiness
The Pulpit And Public Theology In The Public Square Presbyterian Style
Church Revitalization: The Biblical Mandate
Christian Manhood
Christ For The World We Sing - Worship
Mentoring The Next Generation Of Pastors
The Leadership Dynamic
Embers To A Flame
Keeping Your Church Vital: Some Things You Cannot Take For Granted
The Church As A Leadership Factory And Distribution Center
Leadership: The Need Of The Hour
Wednesday Lunch - An Introduction To Embers To A Flame
The Next Guy - How To Find One And How To Be One
Consecrating The Church - Confronting The Culture With A Passion For God
Make Church A Leadership Engine - Part II
Make Church A Leadership Engine - Part I
Reeder, Harry & Cindy
Discover/Nurture Passion For God's Family
Reeder, Harry/Baker, Al
The Crucial Ministry Of Ruling Elders Who Promote Healthy Reformed Presbyterian Local Churches
Reidy, Jim
Developing Proper Center Employment Practices
Human Resources 101: Employers Most Common Mistakes
Human Resources 201: Dealing With Problem Issues And Employee Termination
1-06 - Legal/HR - Properly Insured? Executive & Employment Practices Liability
2-06 - Legal/HR - More Than A Leap Of Faith: Proper Screening And Hiring Practices
3-06 - Legal/HR - Does This Make Cents? Wage And Hour Law Compliance
Rhoads, Caroline
5-01 - Advocacy/Communications - Social Media - Supporter Focused, Client Centered
Richard, Shari
4-07 - Medical - Is That The Cervix?: Ultrasound 201
Richards, Bill
Building Families In The Church
Rigby, Shari
Shari Rigby - Friday Night General Session (2012)
Rinehart, Paula
1-01 - Client Issues - The Hidden Snare: Helping Women Address Childhood Sexual Abuse
Understanding What Drives The Cycle Of Sexual Sin
Intervening Effectively
Practical Ways Of Restoring Hope
Helping A Woman Build Support And Protection
Ro, Stephen
Urban Church Planting
Robertson, George
How To Develop, Train, And Shepherd Officers In The Church
How Anyone Can Develop A Strategic Plan For A Church
The Father's Favorite Hymn
Robertson, George/Storck, Jon
Gospel Ministry, Depression, And "Overmuch Sorrow"
Robertson, George/Tisdal, Adam/McDaniel, Erik
Shaping The Relationship Between The Senior, Associate And Assistant Pastors
Robertson, Palmer
Celebrating The Christ Of The Psalms
The Gospel For All Nations
Rodriguez, Charlie/Reed, Gordon/Milton, Mike/Chinchen, Nell
Statism In The Church And Speaking To State And Culture
Rodriguez, Samuel
Rodriguez, Samuel - General Session #5 - Thursday Dinner
Rodriguez-Moeller, Claudia
Advance 5 - Marketing Your Pregnancy Center Brand For Fundraising Success
Roley, Scott
The Gospel And Friendship
Rollo, John/Golden, Bill/Jeffreys, Kendra
Send Me! Now What?
Rose, Gary
The Adolescent Brain And Sexually Transmitted Infections For The PRC
Bonding And Teen Brains
Cast A Vision: Strategic Planning And Innovation
STI's And Condom Effectiveness
Rose, Lila
Keynote Session #3 - Thursday Lunch (2014)
Rosenberger, Peter
Addressing The Ministry Opportunity To Caregivers
Ross, Mike
Preaching Holiness Without Falling Into Legalism
A Theology Of Revival
Preparing For The Coming Revival
Prelude To Revivial
A Brand New World
The Grace Of God Has Appeared
Ross, Mike/Robertson, George/Kessler, James
Loving Communication
Royce, Shannon
The Challenges Of Hidden Disabilities
Rug, John
Serving And Shepherding The Differently Enabled
Rug, John & Cathy
By Faith, Not By Sight
Russell, Ayinde
Client Care 2 - 603 - Getting The Whole Story: How Our Perceptions Affect Counseling
Promoting Abundant Life - 509 - Operating From Place Of Strength: Developing Whole Person Health Education Model
Russell, Julian
MNA Outreach Ministries Breakfast 2008
Russell, Julian/Williams, Thurman
Reaching The Poor
Russell, Tim
The Political Context And Parites Of The Assembly
Ruvolo, Carol
Gospel Treasure: Durable Value, Sacred Trust
Evading Stumbling Blocks
Ryan, Skip
How Not To Lose Heart
Worship 2000
When Perfect Isn't Good Enough
Ryken, Philip
Pastoral Ministry In Union With Christ: A Gospel Paradigm For Gospel Ministry
Oliver Bowles And The Westminster View Of Gospel Ministry
More Precious Than Life Itself
Not By Faith Alone: Thomas Boston And The Gospel View Of Sanctification
Ryoo, Eung Yul
Learning From John Calvin's Biblical Interpretation And Preaching - Korean Seminar
Sabin, Janice
1-02 - Church Involvement - Serving Churches With A Purpose And A Plan
Salisbury, Judy
Center Essentials A - 2-01 - Communicating With Confidence And Competence
Advance 2 - Communicating With Confidence And Competence
1-06 - Outreach - Communicating Effectively, Powerfully, And With Love
Sanborn, Cameron/Strasner, Hannah
5-07 - Prevention And Healing - Sexual Risk Avoidance
Sande, Corlette
Sande, Ken
Unresolved Conflicts In Your Church?
Peacemakers - I
Peacemakers - II
Peacemaking In The Church (2004)
Thursday Morning - Sande
Leadership Opportunity: Living Out The Gospel Where Conflict & Leadership Intersect
Reducing Conflict By Improving Your Relational Intelligence
The Leadership Opportunity: Living Out The Gospel Where Conflict & Leadership Intersect
Church Discipline: Securing The Blessing While Avoiding A Lawsuit
The Leadership Opportunity - Living Out The Gospel Where Conflict & Leadership Intersect
Peacemakers - I - The Heart Of The Matter: Where Leadership And Conflict Collide
Peacemakers - II - Leaders Through Change Without Dividing The Flock: A Biblical Alternative To Secular Thinking
Relational Wisdom For Crucial Pastoral Issues
Relational Wisdom: A Better Kind Of Smart (2013)
Sanford, Kay/Hogan, Lisa
Center Essentials B - 2-02 - Business Or A Ministry? Yes!
Sanford, Mike
Fresh Start: Christ-Centered Divorce Recovery Ministry
Touching Fragile Things: Ministering To The Seperated/Divorced
Santorum, Rick
Santorum, Rick - General Session #6 - Friday Morning
Sauls, Scott
Serge Luncheon With Scott Sauls
Sawyer, Rick & Yvonne
Love Your Neighbor: Develop Mercy Ministry
Scalise, Eric
Counseling (3) - Searching For Significance: Self-Identity Vs. God-Identity
Counseling (1) - A Biblical Basis For Care Giving: Living and Serving In A Broken World
Client Care 1 - 202 - Coaching The Traumatized Client
2-09 - Spiritual Encouragement - Compassion Fatigue: Managing The High Cost Of Care
1-03 - Counseling - The Power Of Realtionships
3-04 - Leadership - From Good To God: Leadership Principles For A Hurting World
Spiritual Health - 310 - Compassion Fatigue: Weary In Well Doing
Schaumburg, Harry
To Be Spiritually Mature You Must Be Sexually Mature; To Be Sexually Mature, You Must Be Spiritually Mature
Preventing Adultery In The Local Church
Restoring Sexual Purity In The Life Of The Church
A Famework For Overcoming Pornography And Adultery In The Church
The Truth About Your Sexuality
Scheffler, James
4-07 - Medical - Ultrasound ABC's: Learn And Refresh On The Basics
Schlichting, Randy
Practical Lessons In Shepherding The Flock And Church Discipline
Minority Rules: What The Church Can Learn From Minorities
How Can Churches In A Presbytery Work Together?
Schlichting, Randy/Barrett, John
Why Shepherding? How Shepherding?
Schlichting, Randy/Carter, Bob
Yes You CAN Shepherd The Flock
Can Officers In The Church Really Care For Members?
How To Truly Shepherd Your People And Help Them Grow At The Same Time
Schrage, Karolyn
2-02 - Center Essentials A - Effectively Reaching The Abortion Minded-Woman
Medical 201: Implementing
Medical 201: Keys To Success: Incorporating Sexual Integrity
Medical - 407 - Sex Trafficing: Raising Awareness In The Pregnancy Center
Advance 5 - Providing Relevant Services: Reaching Millennials Through STI Testing
Advance 3 - Expand Your Reach - Sexual Health Services Bridge The Gap
Schriver, Jerry
The Generous Church - "For Such A Time As This"
Sealy, Lori
Pitfalls And Pathways To Grasping The Gospel: Lessons From The Life Of A Saint On The Spectrum
Seaton, Scott
Insider Movements And Bible Translations
Seda, Jonathan
MNA Luncheon (2011)
Seda, Jonathan/Jardin, John
From Mono-Ethnic To Multi-Ethnic
Seel, John
Cultural Watch: The Contours Of Change Affecting The Church
Settle, Georgia
Not By Bread Alone
Settle, Paul & Georgia
Wednesday Morning - Settles' Interview
Sexton, John & Elizabeth
Inifluencing Heath Change In A Developing World
Shadigian, Elizabeth
Partial-Birth Abortion Ban: What PRC's Need To Know
Sharrett, Mike
Grace-Filled Speaking
Shepherd, Doug
Do I Have What It Takes? The Top Four Reasons Missionaries Succeed Or Fail
Sherbon, Wally
Discovering Trinitarian Relational Elements & Incorporating Them Into The Relationships In Our Lives And Our Churches
Discovering Trinitarian Relational Elements And Incorporating Them Into Our Lives And Our Churches
Shiping, Martha
5-01 - Clint Care - Intimate Partner Violence Screening
Shomo, Ken
Special Needs: Lessons (So Far) From The World Of Autism
Shuping, Martha
Abortion And Mental Health
Post-Abortion Psychological Consequenses
3-02 - Center Essentials B - Four Steps To Healing
4-09 - Post Abortion - Women At Risk: Risk Factors For Adverse Psychological Outcomes After Abortion
Sicks, Chris
Main 04 - Displaying Mercy Through The Local Church
Can Your Church Pay This Bill?
Can/Should Your Church Pay This Bill?
What Should Deacons Do?
Sidebotham, Bruce
Muslim Q&A
Cultural Stress In Stablility Operations Among Muslims
Sidebotham, Theresa
Child Abuse: Legal And Scriptural Considerations For Policies, Prevention, Investigation, Discipline And Healing
Silvernail, David/Aquila, Dominic
DVD Of Both Presentations Of The Admistrative Committee Funding
Three CD Set Of Both Presentations With All Three Question And Answer Sessions
Complete Set of a DVD of the Presentations and 3 CDs of the presentation and Question and Answers Sessions
Sim, Bill
Grace-Filled Conviction (Thursday Evening Worship Service 2014)
Sinclair, David
New Creations In Christ
Skillman, Faith
One Size DOESN'T Fit All: Curriculum Adaptation
Smalley, Erin
Center Essentials A - 1-01 - Refresh & Replenish
Smallman, Stephen
The Continuum Of Evangelism And Discipleship
Making Disciples: The Continum Of Evangelism And Discipleship
Understanding Conversion
Smith, Kevin
How Pro-Life Are We?
Walking On The Road Of Racial Reconciliation
Smith, Morton
A Call To Spiritual Renewal - To Know Christ And The Power Of His Resurrection
Smith, Scotty
World Harvest Luncheon on Wednesday
Smith, Scotty & Darlene
2010 WIC Wednesday Program
Smothers, Colin
CBMW Pastor's Panel And Breakfast
Social Security Administration
Social Security Adm. Social Security Administration Programs And Changes in Benefits
Sorbo, Kevin
Keynote Speaker #5 - Friday Evening (CN2016)
Souder, Tony
Creating Incredible Intergenerational Relationships
Souther, David
2-03 - Gospel Foundation - The World At Your Door: Sharing The Gospel. With Whoever
C03 - Complete Evangelism Track
A03 - Evangelism
B03 - Evangelism
Sparkman, Wayne
Writing Church History
Speaks, Stephen
Defining A Faith Worth Sharing
Spickard, David
I Need A Job!
Sprague, Jim
Partnering With The Church - 108 - I Come Bearing Gifts
Sproul, R. C.
R.C. Sproul Jr. - Wednesday Lunch General Session (2012)
The Lord Is In This Place
The Doctrine Of God In The Confession
St. Germain, D./Bernades, R.
MNA Church Planting Ministries 2006
Stair, Kathy
Hospitalility Without Walls
Extending His Kingdom Through Hospitality
Women Of International Impact
Stair, Kathy/Hodge, Karen/Wilson, Cathy
Elders' Wives: What Am I To Do?
Stanley, Erik
Your Church Can Protect Its Religious Freedom
Stanton, Dal & Beth
Main 03 - Displaying Mercy Through Ministering To Victims Of Sex Trafficking
Staton, Glenn
Client Issues A - 6-04 - Loving Your LGBT Clients
Steiger, Brandon
Using The Internet In New Ways To Manage Your Church's Business And Ministry More Effectively
Stephens, Christopher
Retirment Planning: From Now To Then
Life Plan:Achieve Financial Security-Seasons Of Life
Stewart, James
Equipping Your Laypeople In Evangelism Through The Share Your Faith Workshop
Stewart, Ken
The Cost Of Neglect: Why The PCA Needs The Scottish Reformation Story
Why Do Thoughtful Younger Protestants Turn Roman Catholic Or Eastern Orthodox?
PCA & Evangelicalism: What Future Relationship?
The Future Of The Five Points Of Calvinism
Awakening And Revival: Calvinism's Long Association
Stewart, Tom
'06 WIC Love Gift: MTW's Streetchild Missions Int.
Stobbe, Julie
The Adoption Option: Getting Beyond "I Could Never Give My Baby Away"
Stone, John
Philosophy Of Campus Ministry
Stoner, Jeannie/Cooter, Judy
Abortion Recovery Assistance Leadership Intensive CD Set
Stonestreet, John
Keynote Session #3 - Thursday Morning (CN2015)
Fatherhood, Family, Marriage - 4-09 - Why Marriage And Family Still Matter
Client Issues B - 4-05 - Understanding Millennials: How They Think And Why It Matters
Stout, Audrey
Medical - 4-10 - Ectopic Pregnancy: What Do I Need To Know
Advance 8 - Ultrasound Intensive: Fine Tuning Your Sonography Skill
6-07 - Medical - Ultrasound Practicum: The Next Level
5-05 - Medical - The Challenging Ultrasound
Strain, David
Evangelistic Preaching
Strawbridge, Ted
Building A Beautiful Presbytery: Missional Renewal In Established Churches
Strawbridge, Tim
The Person Of Jesus (2006)
The Person Of Jesus (2007)
The Person Of Jesus (2005)
The Person Of Jesus (2008)
Study Panel
Reconciliation Study - Assembly-Wide Seminar (GA2018)
Suh, Sam Jung
Understanding And Growth Of Spirituality - Korean Seminar
Summers, Jeff & Cami
The Priority Of Meaningful Communications In The Midst Of Ministry Marriage
Swagerty, Doug
Multi-Site Church Planting Strategies
Swain, Scott
God's Fatherly Discipline According To The Westminster Confession
Sweney, Chip
Five Great Questions Every Church Should Ask In Mobilization
Collaboration For Transformation
Sweney, Chip/White, Bryan
Radical Love, Embracing Diversity
Tate, William
The Fitting Rooms Fact: Richard Wilbur Celebrates The Fourth Of July
Gonzalo's Garments, Or Sometimes Believing Really Is Seeing
Taylor, Jonathan & Katherine/Burch, Ruthanne
Grow Up Global: The Strategic Role Of Third Culture Kids (TDK) In Reaching Emerging Generation
Taylor, Roy
GA For Rookies (2013)
GA For Rookies (2016)
GA For Rookies (2015)
GA For Rookies (2017)
GA For Rookies (2018)
Conducting & Leading Effective & God Centered Worship Services (Liturgy & Preaching) - I
Conducting & Leading Effective & God Centered Worship Services (Liturgy & Preaching) - II
Taylor, Roy/Lee Murray/Chapell, Bryan
PCA: Past, Present, And Future
Taylor, Toby
Options Counseling For The Healthcare Provider
Tchividjian, Basyle
Responding With Excellance: A Case Study
Tchividjian, Basyle/Rankin, Duncan
Mimimizing The Opportunities/Maximizing The Response: Equppiing the Church To Biblically Confront The Growing Sin Of Child Sexual Abuse - II
Mimimizing The Opportunities/Maximizing The Response: Equppiing the Church To Biblically Confront The Growing Sin Of Child Sexual Abuse - I
Tchividjian, Boz
Responding With Excellance: A Case Study
TerKeurst, Lysa
Saturday Evening Keynote (2008)
Thomas, Anthony
Reachng Mormons In Your Community
Thomas, Derek
Majesty Of God In The Preaching And Teaching Of John Calvin
A Biblical View Of Suffering
Eschatology And The Westminster Confession
Overly Regulated; Westminster's View Of Worship
Trinitarian Theology And The Westminster Confession
Cruxifixion X 3 (Wednesday Evening Worship Service 2014)
Thomas, Derek/Nichols, Stephen
The Word Made Flesh: The Ligonier Statement Of Christology
Thomas, Gary
Keynote Session #7 - Friday Evening (CN2015)
Thomas, Gary/Maher, Yvette
Thursday Dinner Keynote (2008)
Thomas, John
Preaching To Unbelievers: Whistling In The Dark - Communicating The Gospel To Seekers And Skeptics
Thomas, John & Shari
Marriage And The Ministry: 50 Ways To (Not) Leave Your Lover: A Thriving Marriage Even In Ministry
Thomas, Randy
5-02 - Center Essentials A - The Good Gift Of Sexuality
Thompson, Barbara
Misery Loves Company; Mercy Loves Ministry
Thompson, W. Gregory
To Become Ourselves
Tice, Rico
Christianity Explored
Evangelism And The Local Church: How Do You Mobilize Your Church Family For Evangelism?
Tisby, Jemar
The Image Of God And The Minority Experience
Divided By Faith: Why Do We Have Black Or White Churches In The First Place?
Indigenous Reformed Movement In The African American Community
Tobias, Ron
Becoming A Church-Planting Church
Toole, Marcus/Kootenai, Adolphus
The Gospel Of Jesus And Plains Native Cultures: Perspectives From A PCA Missionary
Trammell, Tony
3-06 - Fatherhood, Famiy, & Men's Ministry - "How, Who's The Guy In The Waiting Room?"
1-08 - Pro-Abundant Life - The P's And Q's Of Building A Men's Ministry
Triller, Kim
5-07 - Operations - Effective Program Expansion
Tripp, Paul
Broken Down Home: Teaching Your People How To Live Between The Already And Not Yet - II
Broken Down Home: Teaching Your People How To Live Between The Already And Not Yet - I
Whiter Than Snow: Vital Perspectives For Pastors On Sin And Mercy
Women: So You Are Dispappointed, Now What?
The Church: Why So Many Messed Up Marriages? - I
The Church: Why So Many Messed Up Marriages? - II
The Church: Too Many Unproductive People
Women In The Church Wednesday Luncheon 2014
Troupe-Smith, Yolonda
5-10 - Underserved Outrech - African American Negative Test Client, What Do I Say?
Truax, Lee
Why Go To Work?
Trueman, Carl
The Westminster Confession & Sacra Doctrina In The Seventeenth Century
Tubbesing, John
Leveraging Your Passion For Business And Missions Without Leaving Your Business
Leveraging Your Passion For Business And Missions
Turnage, Elizabeth
A Woman's Story
Twitt, Kevin
Calvin And The Arts: Trajectories From His Thought
Why We Still Need Hymns In A PostModern World (2005)
College Students And Worship
Why We Still Need Hymns In A Postmodern World (2008)
Does Musical Style Matter? Aesthetic Barriers To Missional Ministry
UMC Plennary Session #1 (2014)
UMC Plennary Session #2 (2014)
UMC Plennary Session #3 (2014)
UMC Plennary Session #4 (2014)
UMC Plennary Session #5 (2014)
UMC Laity Session #1 (2014)
UMC Laity Session #2 (2014)
UMC Worship Service #1 - Opening Service (2014)
UMC Worship Service #2 - Service Of Rememberance (2014)
UMC Worship Service #3 - Licensing Service (2014)
UMC Worship Service #4 - Closing Service (2014)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of Complete Conference (UMC2014)
UMC Plenary Session #2 - Friday Morning (2012)
UMC Plenary Session #3 - Friday Afternoon (2012)
UMC Plenary Session #4 - Saturday Morning (2012)
Laity Session
Unruh, Leslie
Taking The World By Storm
Client Issues B - 1-05 - Abstinence Programs: The Results Are In
Up De Graff, Mo
Summer Camps In The PCA: Value, Influence, Opportunities And More
Van Bemmel, Jason A.
A Vision For Christian Education In Every Local Church
Van Dixhoorn, Chad
Westminster's Debate On The Imputation Of Christ's Active Obedience
Van Drunen, John
2-03 - ECFA - Sound Financial Management Practices
4-03 - ECFA - Internal Controls And Fraud Prevention With Limited Resources
4-06 - Legal/HR - Preserving Your Center's Status As A Religious Ministry
Center Essentials B - 3-02 - Nonprofit 101 - Top 10 Issues To Avoid In 2015
Development - 5-07 - Fundraising With Intregrity
New Directors/Center Management - 501 - HR Basics For New Directors
1-01 - Center Essentials A - Non-Profit 101
Van Drunen, John/Busby, Dan
6-11 - Today's Issues - Practical Steps In A Changing Environment
Van Drunen, John/Martin, J. Michael
5-01 - Center Essentials - Non-Profit 101
Vander Mass, Andrew
Longing For Home: A Vision For Adoption And The Local Church
The Westminster Confession For Today 2007 Tape/CD Set (All Talks)
Westminster Confession For Today Conference - 2005
The Westminster Confession For Today 2006 Tape/CD Set (All Talks)
MP3 Thumb Drive With Complete Conference (UMC2012)
MP3 Thumb Drive of All Events (GA2011)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2012)
MP3 Thumb Drive of All Events (GA2013)
Calvin 500 Complete CD Set
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Main Talks and Seminars (MNA SN2014)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2014)
Complete CD Collection of 2014 Conference
Complete CD Collection of 2013 Conference
MP3 Thumb Drive of All Events (MTW2013)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Business (GA1973)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Business (GA1974)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2000)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2001)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2002)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2003)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2004)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2005)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2006)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2007)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2008)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2009)
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MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2016)
Complete CD Collection of 2015 Conference
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (CareNet2015)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2015)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events - Audio Only (GA2018)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events - Audio & Video (GA2018)
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MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Business (GA1975)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Business (GA1976)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (GA2017)
Various Chaplains
MNA Chaplain Ministries Breakfast 2014
Chaplain MInistries Breakfast 2010
Various Speakers
Complete Set Of All CDs
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (CareNet2014)
MP3 Thumb Drive Of All Events (CareNet2016)
Complete CD Collection of 2016 Conference
Vecere, Erik
Fatherhood, Family, Marriage - 5-09 - What!?! Talking Fatherhood And Marriage To Your Client's Baby Daddy
Promoting Abundant Life - 309 - Three Actions You Can Take To Increase Your Dad's Involvement
4-08 - Pro-Abundant Life - Three Actions you Can Take To Increase Dad's Involvement
Vecere, Erik/Gleason, Eve
Fatherhood, Family, Marriage - 3-09 - Joseph Project 2.0: What Your Center Can Do Today To Reach Men
Vermilion, Mark
Leadership - 506 - Blind Spots: What Your Don't Know Can Hurt You
3-06 - Outreach - Reaching Millennials
Spiritual Health - 410 - Never, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever Give Up!
Villasana, Alex
Measuring The Fruitfulness Of Your Ministry To Hispanics
Religious Background Of Hispanic Americans
Vishwas, Vinod/T., Calvin/A. Paul Billy
God's Love: To Untouchables And Beyond
Vos, Matt
The Superbowl As A Theology Of Women, Or What Are We Teaching Our Daughters
Vujicic, Nick
Keynote Session #7 - Friday Evening (2014)
Waddell, Glenn
Peacemaking In The Church (2002)
Wallace, Eric
Equipping Households For Extraordinary Ministry
Wallace, Joel
Outreach Ideas For Community Connections
Wallace, Seth/Harris, Sue
Staying On Track In Your Missions Program
Warren, Andy &Bev
Main 05 - Displaying Mercy Through AIDS Care And Treatment Project
Warren, Andy/Ababa, Addis, Alemayehu, Theodros
Humanitarianism And Mercy
Warren, Andy/Alemayehu, Theodros
Interdependent Teams: A Case Study From Ethopia
Warren, Roland
Warren, Roland - General Session #3 - Thursday Morning
Keynote Session #6 - Friday Lunch (2014)
Keynote Session #2 - Thursday Morning (2014)
Church Outreach - 2-03 - How To Engage Pro-Choice Pastors - A Discussion With Roland Warren
Keynote Session #1 - Wednesday Morning (CN2015)
Keynote Speaker #1 - Wednesday Morning (CN2016)
Keynote Speaker #4 - Friday Morning (CN2016)
Keynote Session #6 - Friday Lunch (CN2015)
Keynote Speaker #1 - Wednesday Morning (CN2017)
Warren, Roland/Parker, Star
Thursday Lunch Keynote (2008)
Warren, Roland/Yudt, Michael
2-06 - Fatherhood, Family & Men's Ministry - Introducing The Joseph Project
Warren, Timothy
Client Marketing - 305 - Insider Tips To Maximize Your Google Adwords Effectiveness
Client Marketing - 405 - What It Really Takes To Rank For SEO In 2017
Watkins, Charles/Clarke, Robert/Campbell, Gary
Navigating the New Health Care Reform Law and Volatile Markets of 2010
Watkins, Chip
Legal And Tax Issues For Pregnancy Resource Centers
Welch, Ed
Opening Of Women's Ministries Seminars
WIC Program on Wednesday 2008
Wenz, Cynthia
Keynote Session #8 - Saturday Lunch
1-05 - Development - Pizazz! Creative Fundraising For Large Budget Centers
Wert, Jim
How Long? (Tuesday Evening Worship Service 2016)
Wesley, Kelley
3-01 - Advocay/Communications - State Coalitions: Turning Negative Attacks Into Opportunities
Wesley, Kelly/Gardner
Ministering To The Muslim Client
Wheel, Chris
Partnering With The Church - 608 - Developing A Holistic Nurturing Environment
White, BIll
Psychiatric Disorders: A Compassionate Response
White, Bishop
Holy Communion Service
White, David
Chaplain Training (2009) - V - The Tree Model: Understanding The Origins Of Sexual Brokeness
Intentional Discipleship Through Friendship
Whitlock, Luder
The Unity Of The Church
Whitmeir, Earl/Boren, J.; Snyder, A.
Develop A Lay Person Care-Giving Stephen Ministry In Your Church
Wilbourne, Rankin
Light And Heat: Union With Christ And The Problems It Solves
Wilcher, Scott
Turning Rivers: Successful Leadership In The Transformation Of Organizational Culture
The Orphaned Generation: Rethinking Youth And Young Adult Ministry
Wilcox, Cliff
How Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) Works
Wilhite, Lee/Henry, Heidi
3-05 - Fundraising - Successfully Creating Donor Focused Newsletters
2-04 - Fundraising - Advanced Fundraising Strategy
4-04 - Fundraising - Direct Mail Vision and Strategy
Williams, Michael
The Church: A Piller Of Truth
Williams, Mike
A-02 - Banquets
B-02 - Banquets
Fundraising (2) - Engaging Pastors For Life
3-04 - Fundraising - Getting More Money From More Donors
Three Things You CAN Do To Improve Your Banquet Income
Public Relations: The Most Powerful Communications...Your Voice
Fundraising: The Most Powerful Communicaiton...Your Voice
2-04 - Development - Win The Charity War
Development - 4-07 - Men, Men, And More Men
Development - 104 - More Men: Getting Involved In Your Ministry
Advance 6 - Rosetta Stone: Speak The Language Of Your Donors And Clients
Williams, Mike/Douglas, Gordon
2-05 - Development - The Power Of Story
Williams, Mike/Warren, Roland
Williams, Mike/Warren, Roland - Session #8 - Saturday Awards/Recognition Lunch
Williams, Nancy
4-03 - Counseling - Before You Decide
5-03 - Counseling - After You Decide
2-01 - Center Essentials - RidingThe Roller Coaster: Board Relations
3-04 - Client Issues B - Caring For Clients With LIfe-Dominating Issues
Client Care 2 - 103 - Whole Brain Connection
Client Issues B - 6-05 - Whole Brain Connection
2-01 - Client Care - Vulnerability: The Good News And The Bad News
Volunteer Training V (2008)
Volunteer Training III (2008)
Volunteer Training II (2008)
4-06 - New Director - Volunteer Training IV (2010)
2-06 - New Director - Volunteer Training II (2010)
1-06 - New Director - Volunteer Training I (2010)
Volunteer Training - III (2009)
Volunteer Training - V (2009)
Volunteer Training - II (2009)
Counseling (5) - The 3 C's: Communication, Confrontation, And Conflict Resolution
2-08 - New Directors - Volunteer Training II
1-08 - New Directors - Volunteer Training I
Williams, Nancy/Eades, Patrick
4-08 - New Directors - Volunteer Training IV
Volunteer Training - IV (2009)
Volunteer Training - I (2009)
Volunteer Training I (2008)
Williams, Randy
Resolving Conflict Biblically - Part I
Resolving Conflict Biblically - Part III
Resolving Conflict Biblically - Part II
Williams, Rev. Newton
Memorial Service
Williams, Sally
Ministering To The Post Abortive African American Woman
Buidling Trust With The Post-Abortive Woman
Williams, Terry
3-01 - Client Issues - Gimme 5: Five Reasons To Make The Negative Test Client A Priority
4-03 - Center Essentials B - The T.R.U.T.H. About Abortion
Organizational Leadership (1) - Balance: Leading In The Upright Position
Spiritual Leadership (5) - Communication: Connecting For The Kingdom
1-01 - Client Care - Compassion, Hope And Help: A Training Curriculium For Pregnancy Decision Coacing
Client Care 1 - 102 - Pregnancy Decision Coaching: Reaching The Abortion-Minded And Vulnerable Client
2-05 - New & Seasoned Directors - Volunteer Training Essentials
1-08 - New & Seasoned Directors - Leadership Isn't For Sissies
4-09 - Spiritual Encouragement - The Biggest Loser: Decrease For Christ To Increase
Williams, Thurman
Making Room At The Table (Thursday Evening Worship Service 2016)
Williams, Warren
2-09 - Post Abortion - Men And Women: Making A New Way Of Life
5-06 - Fatherhood, Family, & Men's Ministry - Men & Abortion: Making A New Way Of Life
Williams, Warren/Cochrane, Linda
Men And Abortion: A Realty, A Way Of Life
Williams, Yvonne
Campus Outreach: Reaching The College Student
College Campus Ministry
6-04 - Client Issues B - Ministering To Co-Eds
Williams, Yvonne - General Session #1 - Wednesday Lunch
5-10 - Underserved Communities - Where The Actions Is: Ministering On the College Campus
New Directors/Center Management - 101 - Director/Board Relations: Healthy Trends In Board Goverance
Williams, Yvonne/Busby, Dan/Williams, Terry
Board Training 2017 - The Call For Faith Stewards - A Pregnancy Center Board Training
Williams, Yvonne/Henderson, Monica/Hale, Miranda
2-06 - Outreach - Impacting Your Campus
Williams, Yvonne/Pitchon, Sol/Hopkins, Cindy
Board Training Serminar (One Day Training - 2016)
Board Training Serminar (One Day Training - 2015)
C02 - Complete Campus Outreach Track
B02 - Campus Outreach
A02 - Campus Outreach
Wilman, Richard
The Pastor As Evangelist In The Small Town
Wilson, Dan
Dealing With Sexual Immorality In Presbytery: Guidelines for A Pastoral Care Committee
Presbytery & Porneia: Healty Accountability Or Silent Hypocrisy, Intervening Interdependence Of After-The Fact Court Mode
Pornified In A Church: What Is A Pastor To Do?
"Help! I think I May Be Gay"...What's A Pastor To Say? (2010)
Chaplain Training (2009) - VI - Breaking The Cycle Of Sin
Equipping Mentors To Disciple Men With Serious Sexual Struggles
Sex Is Conventional: A Practical And Positive Theology Of The Place Of Sex Within Marriage And The Church
When A Youth "Comes Out": Responding To Homosexuality In The Youth Group
"Help! I Think I May Be Gay"...What's A Pastor To Say? (2012)
Discipling Students In Christ-Centered Sexuality
Wilson, Dan/Geiger, Tim
Counseling Couples When A Husband Struggles With Pornography
Wilson, Katrina
Reaching The Abortion-Minded African American College Girl
Wilson, Kurt/Peterman, Amanda
3-04 - Client Marketing - Proven Tools For Smater Marketing
Wilson, Mickey
Church Finance 101
Church Finance 201
Wilson, Nate
Developing Mercy Ministry Internationally
Wingard, John
Risky God: The Problem Of Openness Theism
Witmer, Tim
Seven Elements Of An Effective Shepherding Plan
Wittmeier, Jutta
3-03 - Center Essentials B - Finding Faith In A Post-Abortion Healing Journey
Wobb, Debbie
Board Recruitment
Wobb, Dottie
Wednesday Lunch Keynote (2008)
1-09 - Spiritual Leadership - At The Center Of Conflict Resolution
Wolfe, Rich
Reaching The World Through Prayer
Wolford, Charles
2-10 - Underserved Outreach - Presenting Marriage To The Unwed Couple
Wood, Catherine
The Power Of Marriage
1-08 - Sexual Integrity - Constructing Safe Relationships, Dating, And Domestic Violence
Woodham, Michael
What/Why/How To Start An Alive-Again Ministry
Woodley, Arto
3-10 - Underserved Outreach - Validating Fatherhood To The Fatherless Men
World Harvest Mission
World Harvest Mission Luncheon
Wos, Brad
Sport Ministry Panel Discussion
Wright, Chris
Ending Well! Trusting The Lord While Closing The Doors
Wright, Jeff
Indentifying And Developing Culturally Relevant Literature And Brochures
Wright, Jeffrey & Lakita Garth
Jeffrey & Lakita Garth Wright - Thursday Lunch/General Session
Wright, Lakita Garth
1-10 - Underserved Outreach - Engaging The African American Community To Support Your Center
Wuerffel, Danny
God's Heart For The Poor/Urban Ministry - I
God's Heart For The Poor/Urban Ministry - II
Yagel, Gary
Discipling Men To Be Great Dads - III
Discipling Men To Be Great Dads - I
Discipling Men To Be Great Dads - II
Discipling Men To Be Great Dads - IV
Discipling Men To Be Great Dads - V
Helping Your Men Forge Bonds Of Brotherhood
Investing In The Spiritual Growth Of Your Men: Effective Strategies And Tools For Discipling Men
The Struggle With Internet Pron: How Can We Help Our Men?
Reaching The Heart Of A Man
How To Equip Your Laymen To Help You Disciple Your Men
The Answer To Toxic Masculinity: Raising Boys Who Pursue Godly Manhood
The War On Boys: What Can We Do To Help Our Sons
Yagel, Gary/Clemmer, Brett
Gospel-Centerd Men's Ministry
Yagel, Gary/Enslow, Dave
Overcoming Make Isolation: A Twenty-First Century Approach To A Problem That Is Killing Us Men
Yagel, Gary/Kirkpatrick, Harvey/Alwinson, Pete
Men's Ministry That Changes Lives
Yanke, Roy
Only Human...Facing The Emotional Challenges Of Ministry Life
Yarbrough, Bill
Missional Movement: Drifts, Shifts, Leanings, And Learnings
Yarbrough, Robert
Inerrancy's Complexities: Grounds For Grace In The Debate
Yoder, Keith
2-09 - Spiritual Leadership - Building Unity At The Center
Yoo, Sam
Evangelism With Passion (Korean Speaking with English Translation)
Yudt, Michael
6-05 - Development - Engaging Major Donors Beyond The Banquet
Zaka, Anees
The Truth About Islam
Zavadil, David
Fit For The King: Starting A Fitness Ministry In Your Church
Zoeller, Matthew
5-03 - Client Issues A - Connecting With Multi-Cultural Clients